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Going in Circles

So some people are gushing this morning over our football team's win over Oregon State at the Rose Bowl. The expectations of this sorry (joke of a) football program has been lowered to such a rock bottom that beat writer from the LA Times (who is a Trojan alum BTW) is raving about a "complete game" against an opponent, which should always be an automatic "W" for the Bruins at the Rose Bowl:

The Bruins played their most complete game in more than a month to defeat Oregon State, 25-7, Saturday in front of 67,532 at the Rose Bowl to end a four-game losing streak and keep alive their hopes for a bowl game bid.

"The big thing Coach [Karl] Dorrell told us is that we had a three-game season left and to forget about our past games," defensive tackle Brigham Harwell said. "This was the opening game of the new season. That's how we looked at it."

Justin Medlock made four field goals and sophomore quarterback Patrick Cowan bounced back from a poor first half with two touchdown passes to receiver Marcus Everett in the third and fourth quarters to lead UCLA, which improved to 5-5 overall and 3-4 in the Pacific 10 Conference.

In ending Oregon State's four-game winning streak, the Bruins defense -- which struggled to make tackles in recent weeks -- played well in forcing quarterback Matt Moore into three fumbles and limiting the Beavers to 260 yards.

"It was a good team effort, even though it wasn't the prettiest of wins," said Dorrell, whose Bruins have won 11 of their last 12 games at the Rose Bowl. "But given the circumstances of where we are, losing four in a row and finally getting a win under our belts, it's important for us to feel good about this victory."
Yes the Thinker is telling you to feel good about a win in which his undisciplined, unfocused, disorganized football team was penalized an astonishing 13 times for 154 yards. We are being told to feel good about a football team which still looks unfocused in offense, and impotent in the red zone.

And yet you see quotes like this one in the press in which the players are openly bragging about taking cheap and stupid penalties hurting the team:
[T]he Bruins also had one personal foul, two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and several small skirmishes that had to be broken up.

"We talked about all week that we wanted to get our swagger back, and I felt like we had our swagger," Taylor said. "I told the guys, `Go talk trash. Talk trash all game and don't stop.' We got some personal fouls and whatever, but that's on me. That's my fault. I told them to talk trash. We had fun. We were talking, we were running. That's who we are as a defense."
That's coming from one of the key defensive leaders of the Thinker's football program. Talking trash, taking cheap personal shots, gloating over a win against a hapless and clueless opponent at the Rose Bowl. That's your UCLA football.

Of course now you can expect this week to hear from the Thinker how our team is "growing," and "developing," and is "bowl eligble."  After 10 games the Thinker's best and deepest team ever is alive for a shot at the Hawaii Bowl, which no one except for few die hard UCLA fans, and players' families and friends will give 2 cents about.

Bruins head into Tempe next Saturday taking on a Sundevils team which they will match up very well against. And if pull off what should be an easy win over those pathetic Sun Devils, we get two weeks to prepare for Pom Pom's most vulnerable team from last four years to end our 7 game losing streak.

Will the Thinker go for it, and play to win in our next two games, or are we going to continue to see boring, uninspiring, disorganized, ugly football from our guys in blue and gold?

I am sure we will be hearing this week how this ugly win against the Beaver is a sign of good things to come for "next year."  We heard it from the Dorrell minions during the game broadcast last night and post game show how this team is returning most of its starters next season.  So if we have 18 senior starters (IIRC) returning next year, this mean we should have 17 junior starters on this team this year, which is plenty of experience for any college football team (again you don't hear the Trojans, Bears or Ducks fans making excuses for being "young"). Yet here we are when Dorrell and his pathetic lackies will be spouting all week about how this "young" and "inexperienced" team is on the right track and going through "growing process." After four years we keep finding ourselves in positions where we keep turning the proverbial corner so much that we keep going in circles of empty seasons with nothing of note to show for.

Welcome to the world of the Thinker's football program.

Boring, irrelevant, uninspiring, and relegated to status of being nothing short of a JV football program in its own home town.

We just keep going in circles spinning towards another Dorrellian 6-7 win season. Hooray!