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Josephine Wants to Dump Dorrell?

I always knew we had one of the smarter mascots in college football. At least by this image it looks like Josephine may be getting behind the petition to Dump Dorrell:

From the reader who sent us this picture:

I'm a donor with seats behind the Bruin Bench (4-H). Josephine Bruin and the Spirit squad walked up to me and my group wearing "Fire Dorrell" shirts and just starting talking with us. Hmmm, seems as if they supported our cause. They were more than happy and did not hesitate to take pictures with us. Unfortunately, immediately after taking the pictures, they were scolded by UCLA badge-wearing regulators for doing so...I truly hope I did not get them in trouble. My seats are right behind "recruiting" so we received some flack from them too. Looks like it's working.

Go Bruins!
And if they get in trouble you can bet we are going to raise hell about it.

You can buy t-shirts to Dump Dorrell by going here, and you can sign the petition to Dump Dorrell by going here.