Pat Cowan or Ben Olson?

Sorry guys for posting this but I've been reading around on message boards on how all of these Bruin fans think Cowan is our starter. Frankly, I find this assumption to be quite ridiculous considering Cowan is 1-4 and only threw for around 126 yards today. I also don't understand why we would recruit a 5 star QB when we don't even play him. I mean for christ's sake don't waste this kid's time when he could be going somewhere where he can actually play and be a difference maker. It pisses me off that Dorrell won't make a committment to his QB Ben Olson. Cowan is an average QB with some nice speed. But Ben is a once in a lifetime kind've QB who can make all the throws. I'm feeling so bad for Ben right now. Here is a kid who could've gone to any school in the country and started right away. But at UCLA he is given the bench his first year and now fans are clamoring for Cowan.

I'm sorry, I'm very pissed off right now. I can't even enjoy a victory because it further enhances the belief of some people that Dorrell really is making progress (lol) and that Pat Cowan is an AWESOME QB (again lol). And then you hear fans and WAYNE COOK and MATT STEVENS (retarded butt buddies) spewing about how Pat should start the rest of the year becuase we have SO much to play for. Give me a break. It's probably better we don't go to the Hawaii Bowl considering Hawaii will absolutely wipe the floor with us. Ben needs more experience before next year so I say give it to him. UCLA should not be Pat Cowan's team and Ben should be given the nod this week against ASU. However, with Dorrell at the helm of UCLA football I can't say I would be surprised if he starts Cowan. It would be par for the course.

Anyway, as you can see I am quite biased against Cowan. Frankly, there really should be no QB controversy at all. Ben should be our starter. Cowan has done nothing to unseat him. Right? I mean is 1-4 what we would describe as a resounding success at UCLA. It shouldn't be, but for some UCLA fans, it sadly, is.

So here is a poll. I just want to know who the UCLA fans on this site feel should be our starting QB.

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