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Sun Devil Funnies

So back to football for a bit. Earlier in the week we set up this weekend's game against ASU. Not a lot of excitement about our football team any longer in the Bruins Nation. Yes there is a flicker of hope. We should (emphasis added) beat up on Koetter's craptacular Sun Devils squad, and use a two game winning streak against mediocre Pac-10 teams to get set for one of the weaker Southern California teams in recent year. We have the talent to finish this season with a 3-0 record. It's a matter of our coaching staff to put it all together and save some face in this already lost season.

We are facing an ASU team this weekend which frankly is kind of a joke. I mean they got blown out by a Mike Riley and Matt Moore. They have some talent on their offense, but our defense should be able to handle them considering the way throttled Quinn and co. up in South Bend. The match up really is going to boil down to whether our underachieving offense will get it done against less than mediocre Sun Devils defense. Oh and there is the thing about coaches from both teams being in trouble.

Anyways I have never really cared much about any of the Arizona schools. Sure the Mildcats had a little run with Lavin thanks to some incompetent Peter Dalis hires in Westwood, but now they will become increasingly irrelevant as Coach Howland is building back our Bruins as dominant power of West Coast hoops.

As for ASU - meeh. That's pretty much how I can sum up my sentiments about that university. Their basketball program is a joke and their football program - well I think these preseason billboards from earlier this year pretty much sums it up:

oh and this one:

They were posted on the Wiz back in June, who had this to say:

Talk is cheap. And from the looks of it, so is billboard space around Phoenix. Arizona State, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-1 to win the national championship, is making rather bold statements in a promotional campaign. "Sun Devil Law" is the theme, and from the looks of it, there appear to be laws on the books that we never knew existed.
So exactly why am I taking my time to write about Arizona State's sorry football program? Well with those billboards in mind, check out what I just spotted in "The House of Heat," an ASU fan blog commenting on UCLA fans effort to Dump Dorrell:
The Bruins are in a tough spot as USC's whipping boy and the stress is starting to show. ASU hoops fans can attest to the frustration of absolute inferiority in the face of one's hated rival, but UCLA has the unfortunate burden of optimism . At least we know ASU basketball sucks and we expect routine beatings on Thursday and Saturday nights throughout the winter and spring, but somewhere along the line UCLA got it to their heads that they deserve more. They have certainly had better success than most Pac-10 teams historically, but how many Bruin head coaches can you name? I can only come up with two- Terry Donohue and apparent job seeker Karl Dorrell- the two most recent coaches. Why can't you just take your powerhouse basketball program and be satisfied? Florida has apparently ruined it for everyone.
Obviously it is not worth our time to point out with specific facts how UCLA has been a two sports school long before Florida showed up on the map with Billy Donovan. Any kid from junior high with basic research skills can get those facts. But it gets better. After ridiculing our football program's history, the very next 'graf reads:
I'm planning on doing another Q & A with the boys at Bruins Nation, so if there are any questions you want answered leave them in the comments section.
We haven't received any email from those guys requesting a Q&A yet.

If the email does come (not sure if there will be any after this post) any ideas on how we should respond?