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QB Situation Working Out (for Now)

Looks like our QB situation is working out for now. Ben Olson himself said he is not 100 percent yet:

"My knee feels about 90%. There are still little twinges here and there when I'm trying to come out of certain play fakes," Olson said after Tuesday's practice. "But it felt really good today."

Cowan, who won his first start last week in UCLA's 25-7 victory over Oregon State, said that he was glad to have Olson back in practice.

"Not only does it bring more competition back to the team," Cowan said, "it improves both of our games and everyone around us. Having another arm around is also good.

"Ben is looking a lot better than when he first returned to practice. He's throwing the ball real well and he's starting to move around more."

Olson, who said he had a talk with Coach Karl Dorrell about getting back on the field, would like to play this week against the Sun Devils but acknowledges that he may have to wait because of his injury.

"I try and be chipper every day.... Every player wants to feel like they are supported," Olson said. "It's been tough being hurt. The whole thing is not a fun experience to go through.

"I'm just trying to get back and do whatever I can to help the team win. Pat has been doing a great job. So we're just going to try and build off what we did against Oregon State and beat Arizona State."
That seems more than reasonable to me.  I do think if Cowan is ineffective in the first half against ASU Dorrell should think about bringing in Olson (if he is indeed 90 percent) to see if he can jump start the offense. For his part Cowan is saying he is only focusing on ASU:
Although the return of quarterback Ben Olson to his starting role is imminent, backup Patrick Cowan said he will not change anything he does heading into Saturday's tilt at Arizona State, even though it could be his last start.

Cowan will make his sixth start in place of Olson, who suffered a torn knee ligament early during an Oct. 7 win against Arizona.

Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said Olson would return to his starting role when he is ready, which could be Dec. 2 against USC.

"I'm going to worry about this game," Cowan said. "That's all I'm going to worry about.

"I just have to focus on Arizona State. That's what I'm thinking about."

Cowan said Dorrell has not talked to him about it, and added, "I don't think he should. We're focusing on Arizona State. That's all we should be thinking about right now."
Again this situation seems under control right now. However we do hope KD keeps a close eye on this situation. Right now since Cowan is coming off his first win as a starter (he should get the credit for win against UA as well) he deserves to start against ASU. And if he wins that game as well he should start against Southern Cal too. However, as mentioned above if he is ineffective, and Olson is indeed around 90 percent then Dorrell should definitely think about brining in Ben for a series or two to see what he can. If and when Ben is completely healthy thought he should start. He should get the nod if UCLA gets the opportunity to play in a Bowl game provided he is doing well during practice. And he should get the starting nod going into next season provided he is performing well during spring and pre-season practices.

Hopefully Dorrell will have things under control, and not forget to communicate effectively, as he did while botching up the situation re. Moore and Olson. Even though he made the right call at the time there was no need for that situation to be handled so awkwardly leading to bad feelings. At least for now it looks like Cowan and Olson are handling the situation in classy and matured way. Good for them. Now the team needs to go out and destroy the Sun Devils to maintain the flicker of momentum gained after last Saturday's win.