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Ben Ball Off to a Solid Start

Well how about that. Bruins grind out a tough win against a pretty solid and scrappy BYU team at home. Final score: 82-69 good guys (AP recap). Here is the box score. DC (16 pts, 10 assists, 5 boards) looks like he is ready to those fill those big shoes of Jordan Farmar. Luuuuuuuuuuuuc looked better than last year (a career high 24 pts, 11 boards). He along with the DC were the rock stars at Pauley tonight. Luuuc was a monster as usual downlow showing some new moves while DC looked calm and in control down the stretch.

AP Photo of DC playing Ben Howland D

AA had an off night; however, I am sure he will adjust in the upcoming games.

And speaking of adjustments, how about the half time adjustments by Coach Howland. BYU came out raining 3s in the first half, and our locked them down in the second half. Mata and Shipp look healthy.

Not a bad way to start the season against a very tough team. We have a long way to go but at this point we are ahead of where we were last season.

I like what I saw tonight. I am out. Please share your post game thoughts right here.

Thank God for Ben Howland.