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Good news just keep rolling out of Coach Howland's program.

His recruiting machine keeps powering on around Southern California. Some of you may have already heard that's #4 point guard in the nation Malcolm Lee just committed to Ben Ball. Lee becomes the second elite recruit for Howland's 2008 class, the other one being #6 ranked point guard in the nation Jerime Anderson. These guys will be following next year's incredible class of Kevin Love and Chase Stanback.

It's pretty obvious Howland has put up a blue and gold picket fence around the Southland and he is practically picking and choosing the kids who he thinks will fit the profile of Ben Ball warriors. A program full of young men who represent an amazing university and the greatest program of all time with grace on and off the court, while thriving as elite athletes, students, and young kids living it up at U.C.L.A.

AP Photo

Welcome Malcolm. You are going to enjoy your time in what is once again - the Utopia of college basketball.