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Going Through the Motions

So Karl Dorrell was brought into UCLA because he was a good WR at UCLA and an "WR coach" in the NFL. So naturally you'd think Bruins would have best of the best at WR positions, and our receivers'd be burning it up in the Pac-10. Think again. Here is Jill Painter on Brandon Breazell, who was supposed to be one of the key playmakers in UCLA's WR rotation:

Brandon Breazell is a forgotten man in UCLA's offense.

Breazell hasn't had a catch since the Notre Dame game, and he had just one in South Bend. Sure, Breazell has battled a ribcage injury, but the past two weeks he's been available to play and didn't catch any passes.

"We've got to get him going," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said of Breazell. "He's been a little dinged up a couple of weeks ago, but he's much better - probably close to 100 percent. He's practicing full-speed, so we need to try to get him back in the fold. He's one of our guys that's been a big production guy at receiver. We need to get him some opportunities."

Dorrell has only two regular-season games left to get Breazell more touches. UCLA (5-5) plays at Arizona State on Saturday and against USC at the Rose Bowl on Dec. 2.

Breazell, who recently hasn't been made available to the media after practices, began the season as UCLA's starting flanker and had three catches against Utah in the opener. Breazell had just one catch against Rice, which went for a touchdown, and had at least two catches or more until the Notre Dame game. He had a career-high five receptions for 57 yards at Oregon.

Breazell has 18 catches for 220 yards and one score. At this rate, he won't be as productive as last year, when he caught 24 passes for 297 yards and four touchdowns.
Gotta love the "growing" and "developing" that goes on in KD's offense. Bruins do not have a single player in the Pac-10 leader board for receptions and receiving yards. Pretty pathetic for a team which is apparently being "coached" by an NFL "WR coach."

Meanwhile, on the side of the ball DeWayne Walker is still raving about (cough*himself*cough) Bruin defense's smashing performance against the Beavers, you know that football powerhouse from Corvallis:
Defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker also went back to a more basic but aggressive approach, which is how the Bruins played early in the season, when they won four of their first five games.

"Sometimes you just have to be who you are," Walker said. "I think there have been times when I've over-analyzed schematically in looking out too much for a good receiver or good running back. We just went out and played and I think the players appreciated that."
Well hope it works against ASU. Elsewhere Dohn has a profile on Trey Brown, Bruins' left cornerback who is having a pretty solid season. Again just from the reports of these beat reporters you can't sense not a lot of excitement coming out of Dorrell's listless program. Hey you can only fake enthusiasm so much after writing the words "bowl eligible." Everyone is just going through the motions for another exciting game week with Karl Dorrell.