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Rearranging Deck Chairs ...

So rumors are flying around the Morgan Center that apparently Dorrell is ready to throw yet another assistant coach under the bus.  Heard from a friend of mine earlier in the week that after this season over Karl Dorrell may be forced to fire his first year offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda. And that moved will be trumpeted as a sign how Dorrell is taking charge of his mediocre program in Westwood.

If he carries through with that move, Dorrell will be looking to hire his fourth offensive coordinator going into his fifth year in Westwood. Dorrell first brought in Steve Axman pimping him as a quarterback guru:

Steve Axman, a former Bruin assistant who has served as quarterbacks coach at the University of Washington the past four years and as assistant head coach the past two, has been hired as UCLA's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Bruin head coach Karl Dorrell announced today.

Axman has a reputation for developing young quarterbacks. This past season, Washington's Cody Pickett became the first quarterback in Pac-10 history to pass for over 4,000 yards in a season, finishing with 4,458. He also set a Pac-10 record with 4,273 yards of total offense. On the year, Pickett completed 365 of 612 passes (59.6%) for 4,458 yards and 28 touchdowns.
Well we saw how well the quarterback guru worked out with Matt Moore and Drew Olson in their second year at UCLA.  UCLA put together one of its woeful offensive performance in its recent history in 2003. So Dorrell threw Axman under the bus and brought in Tom Cable. And although under Cable Bruins' offensive performance statistically improved compared to the woeful offense of 2003-04, if you take a closer look his performance was not all that impressive.

His best year- last year - as not exactly all that impressive either, considering in so many games Bruins are sputtering, dinking and dunking around for three quarters, before making moves in desperate fourth quarters against Pac-10 prevent defenses. And he left Dorrell as soon as he got an opportunity to become a low level assistant coach in the NFL.

So after four years when Dorrell is looking at best a 7-5 regular season record with a team which he claimed to be his best and deepest yet in his fourth year in Westwood, he may find himself in a position starting a new with yet another offensive coordinator for his West Coast offense.

Again keep in mind Dorrell was hired as the UCLA head coach because he was supposed to be some sort of offensive guru, bringing in his "experience" of being a "NFL WR coach" in Mike Shanahan's Bronco offense (which presumably was devised by Shanahan and Kubiak with not much input from Dorrell). Yet after four years Bruins have come up with one decent offensive year, as three out of last four years we have had horrible, uninspiring, mediocre offenses producing 6-7 win seasons.

When will the buck the stop at Dorrell's desk? He may be on the verge of firing yet another OC.  He has already had to fire the first defensive coordinator he hired when he first assembled his staff four years ago.

And now we are supposed to accept that notion that everything is going to be all right by firing yet another offensive coordinator, and make these players learn under the direction of fourth OC in five years.

Perhaps it's not the offensive coordinator not the cause of underlying problems in Dorrell's stale and irrelevant football program.

Does rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic mean anything to Dan Guerrero?