W. Volleyball Dominates Southern Cal

From the Diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

Update 11/18/06: Added a couple pictures which I didn't take, but I know who did and I'm sure she wouldnt mind :P

Our #6 Bruins (26-3; 13-3 Pac-10) just toppled #4 southern cal (23-4; 12-4 Pac-10) tonight in Pauley Pavilion, and they made it look easy, winning in 3 straight matches 30-25, 30-22, and 30-20.  The band was there, and the arena (cut in half by a curtain across midcourt) was packed.

We were loud, we were intimidating, we heckled their players at every opportunity (keeping it clean of course), causing the trojan fans around us to get noticeably uncomfortable.  There were a significant number of them there, but asside from match 1, they were mostly kept silent.

The trojans put up a good fight in the beginning;  they actually led for long stretches in match 1, and for some of match 2, but the Bruins, with their fans behind them, made some strong surges to put each match away.  

By the 3rd match you could tell that the pressure had gotten to the trojans.  They got sloppy, they got angry, and they simply gave up.  When their players make eye contact with you after you yell their name or taunt them in some way, you know you've gotten into their heads.    That's really the best part of going to sports other than football and men's bball. They can hear you.  You know they can hear you. They try to pretend they can't, but eventually you hook someone and then it's all over. The den in the picture above is almost literally on top of the trojan bench! 

I wholeheartedly suggest that all of you in LA attend at least one non-cash sporting event and see how dominant our other teams are, and how fun it can be in these smaller environments.

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