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Game Day (ASU) Open Thread ...

Well here we go. So much action already in today. Oregon looked like bunch of chumps against Arizona (making our loss against Ducks even more embarrassing). Mike Shula looked like Karl Dorrell on the sidelines in T'Town. And a classic in Columbus leaving Michigan fans stuck with Lloyd Carr for few more years.

While Cal and Southern Cal are about to kick off for the Rose Bowl (or may be even the Championship game for Southern Cal), let's get ready to rumble for the "elimination game" for Pineapple Bowl! (I know it's the Hawaii Bowl or whatever, I am just going to call it Pineapple Bowl. If you have something better in mind in terms of what we can call it, suggest it in the comment thread).

The Sun Devils stadium has been a house of nightmares for Bruins since 1994. If the Bruins are going to end the bad vibes tonight, this guy will have to lead the way:

Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP Photo

And if PC is not getting it done Ben will need to come in. Either way a big game for two football coaches who have pretty much been nothing short of underachieving failures since they took over respective team few years back. Lets see how they respond.

For those not being able follow this via FSN (Prime Ticket) you can follow it online by going through the gamecast links here (official site) or here (WWL).

This is our Saturday game thread. Fire away people.