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So handful of Dorrell lackies are out in full force around the internets after last night's lackluster win over a hapless Pac-10 team proclaiming everything is all right in Westwood again. Of course they are conveniently trying to forget the fact that combined record of the Pac-10 teams Dorrell has beaten so far this season is 20-24 (10-15 in the PAC). The fact that some of these losers are trying to spin a 6-5 season to date based on bunch of wins against some sorry teams goes to show how these so called UCLA fans are more concerned about protecting an over his head coach than thinking about what is best for our program.

Dump Dorrell has some more relevant notes of interest following last night's thrilling win over the Fun Devils:

  • Dorrell gets his first road win this season.  It is NOT a road win against a team with a winning record. That is a full season record statistic. So, ASU must beat Arizona and stay above .500 for KD to get that 0-10 mark off his illustrious record.
  • Many are making a big deal of wins against Rice, Utah, and Arizona, now that those teams are above .500.  They conveniently forget that Utah and Rice play in vastly inferior conferences.    And the Pac-10 is having a very bad year this year, getting beat up in non-conference games en route to a 15-9 record against Div 1A teams.
  • After losing to Southern Cal, UCLA may still have the upper hand in getting to the Hawaii Bowl, something the coach couldn't be more thrilled about.  Hawaii Bowl officials would take UCLA over ASU, UofA or Wazzu.
  • The best we can finish in the Pac-10 is tied for 4th.  The worst we can finish is tied for 6th.  Again, not exactly what Dan Guerrero had in mind when he hired KD.  Not exactly what was written on the blue bracelets our team wore for half the season, "Pac-10 Champions."  Not exactly what is written on KD's shirt on a lifesize cardboard cutout in BruinWear in Ackerman still to this day, "Champions Made Here."
Now on to biggest game of the season. Pete Carroll will be coming into this game with a team which got embarrassed by Mike Riley and Matt Moore and had difficult times with teams like Oregon and Washington State.  This is a team that is more than beatable.  If the Bruins show up with the same defense they played against Notre Dame they should not have a problem shutting down this Trojan offense.

Considering the Bruins played the game of their lives against the No. 21 ranked offense in the nation in South Bend, you'd think they will have no problem getting fired up for the no. 23 ranked offense in the nation in our own house. These are not Reggie "House" Bush's Trojans. The Ball Room dancer is not taking the snaps. Their running game is not what it used to be. DeWayne Walker's number 16 ranked rushing defense in the nation should not have a problem containing the rushing attack of Washington, Gable, and Moody, who are nowhere close to packing the punch of thunder and lightning combination of Bush and White. And as for Booty he is a good first year QB, but he certainly has ways to go in terms of reaching the veteran savvy of Ball Room Dance or Wonderlic Palmer. If the Bruins pack enough heat and unleash Hickman and Davis, they should be able rattle the Trojans in front of a Rose Bowl crowd hungry for Trojan blood.

Two years ago after a botched and mismanaged game at the Rose Bowl everyone was gushing about a true moral victory against Southern Cal, which was followed up one of the most disgraceful losses in the history of Bruin football. And then we had last year's blood bath at the Coliseum.  Dorrell has no other option but to win this game. A moral victory is not going to cut it because we are all have gotten sick and tired of this:

We will be talking about this game from all angle in the coming days. Contrary to surrender monkeys who are thinking Bruins will not have a chance in this ball game, not only I think this game is winnable, we also think winning this game should not get Dorrell get off the hook from being accountable for the disastrous underachieving 2006-07 season to date.

In any event don't get swayed by so called UCLA football fans who are busy backslapping and high fiving each other after two non descript wins over Beavers and Fun Devils. After all that is said and done this a Dorrell program which to date is a total failure, and even if it pulls of an expected win against a rival that has embarrassed and humiliated us for seven years in a row, this coaching staff still needs to be held accountable for putting together a program, which has come no where close to smelling a Rose Bowl, much less a BCS championship game.

There is something about the word "accountability." The Dorrell apologists masquerading as UCLA football fans should look it up before deciding to pipe up in this community of Bruin alums and students, who have a different standard when it comes to excellence wrt to anything associated with those magical four letters adorned in blue and gold.