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Davis, Mooch et al. Waiting for Better (UCLA) Opportunities?

So lots of rumors are swirling all over the internets concerning the coaching vacancies at UNC and at MSU. IMHO Butch Davis will not bite for either. Sure he is floating the stories of him being interested in returning to the college coaching ranks, but I don't think he is crazy about going to Chapel Hill, where he will have to go up against multiple established powers in Va Tech, Miami, Clemson, Florida State to compete for elite recruits not to mention facing in-state competition from North Carolina State and Wake Forest.  So yeah it's not a surprise to read this from Maisel reporting Davis is not all that excited about coaching at UNC:

Butch Davis wants to return from coaching exile, but his coaching friends say he is stalling North Carolina to see what other jobs (Miami? Dallas Cowboys?) may come open. It sounds as if athletic director Dick Baddour will have to do some selling.

If Baddour can't (or decides not to) make that sale, think in terms of a proven I-A head coach. He has hired two coaches in a row, Carl Torbush and John Bunting, who had little or no I-A head coaching experience, and the Tar Heels are 20 games under .500 over nine seasons.

West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez did his best on the Big East media call Monday not to tamp down speculation regarding him and the Tar Heels. Rodriguez expects to renegotiate with West Virginia after this season, and he may be the most popular man in the state, so why would he leave? Not that he might have an ulterior motive or anything, but Rodriguez's response Monday diverted attention away from his team in the final days leading up to its showdown Thursday night at Louisville.

Keep an eye on Boston College coach Tom O'Brien, who has clinched his eighth consecutive winning season in Chestnut Hill. O'Brien, who coached as an assistant at Virginia for 15 years, would have an easier time of recruiting ACC-type speed down south.

Tulsa coach Steve Kragthorpe took his name out of consideration Monday and Navy coach Paul Johnson said he isn't interested, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.
Now Kragthorpe not only issued a denial that he wasn't interested in any other coaching opportunities, he specifically crossed out UNC:
Scratch Tulsa's Steve Kragthorpe - but not necessarily West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez - from North Carolina's wish list to replace John Bunting as football coach.
Kragthorpe read a statement Monday at his weekly media conference explaining that he is not interested in coaching North Carolina and wants to remain at Tulsa. Kragthorpe, 28-8 in four seasons at Tulsa, said on Monday's Conference USA coaches' teleconference that North Carolina is a great job and Chapel Hill is a great place to live.

"It's just not for Steve Kragthorpe," he said.
Now that's lot more of emphatic and clear cut denial we used to hear from our Coach Ben Howland while he was at Pitt about him being totally focused on Pitt and how he wasn't interested in other job offers.

Meanwhile, everyone is betting that Mooooch will be heading to East Lansing so that he can have calzones every day with Izzo.  And you'd think now that Williams is gone Mooch wouldn't be too shy about fanning the flame of this obvious speculation. But apparently Mooch is being pretty lukewarm about MSU at least in the traditional press:
"Steve is very happy in broadcasting," Montag said from his New York offices. "He really likes what he's doing at NFL Network. Broadcasting is something that Steve is excited and passionate about."
This leads me to speculate what else could these guys be interested in?

Are they angling for a program which everyone knows is a sleeping giant with its access to one of the most talented recruiting hotbed in the nation?

Are they angling for a program which will enable them to be one of the coaching superstars in the No. 2 media market in the nation playing the role of the ultimate good guy against the plundering goons from the Miami of the West?

I know one thing if any of these two coaches were leading the sidelines facing the sunny side of the Rose Bowl, it'd send a shiver down the spines rest of the Pac-10 (kind of like what Coach Howland is doing these days to Lute and co.):

Picture any one of these guys in blue and gold

Just think about that possibility and then sign this petition and pass it on to every Bruin football fan you know.


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