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In or Out (of KD's Pants)?

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After the Cal game we heard a lot about how KD, the offensive guru took control over the reins to reignite the dead Bruin offense. From

During most games, UCLA coach Karl Dorrell has his play sheet tucked into the front of his pants as he roams the sideline. On Saturday against Cal, that was not always the case.

Dorrell said he was much more involved in the play-calling against the Bears and estimated that he may have helped call as much as 20 percent of the game. Typically, offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda takes care of that task, but with UCLA's offense struggling of late, Dorrell decided to step in to help get things going.

"But that's (having the play sheet available) what was needed. I wanted to help the offense, and that's my expertise. I'm an offensive coach. I wanted to help them as much as I could, and there was an improvement this week."

Dorrell, who said he had to "get in play-calling shape," said that for the first part of the season, he had tried to spend time with the offense, defense and special teams units.

He said that he will be slowly diminishing his roles with other parts of the game to focus on the offense, which has scored touchdowns on just 14 of 32 red-zone attempts this season, the second-worst percentage in the Pac-10.

"What I did was me organizing the plan and organizing our thoughts in between series and things like that," Dorrell said. "I was instrumental in helping the whole flow work out."
Although in public KD mentioned in he was figuring into about 20 percent of the playcalls, apparently he has been involved lot more. In any event since Dorrell is a much hyped WCO genius, you'd think the offensive "flow" as would be much approved afer Dorrell took over? So I decided to look into the numbers.

Here is a break down of the Bruin rushing offense in the first 5 v. the last 3 (the 3 games in which apparently KD has been lot more involved). Numbers from

Bruin Rushing Offense (First 8 v. Last 3)

Att. Yards YPC YPG TDs
First 8 Games 265 962 3.63 120.25 5
Last 3 Games 100 410 4.10 136.67 4

Obviously you can spot the improvement in ypc and ypg. However, that number is somewhat eschewed by garbage time during Cal game, after the Bruins were effectively destroyed by a score of 35-10. Markey ripped off a huge 70 yard TD run during the fourth quarter when the outcome of the game was certain. Prior to that big run Markey barely had around 60 yard rushing during prior 3 quarters. And given the horrible rushing performance against ASU in which the Bruins didn?t break 100 yards against the 6th ranked rushing defense in the Pac-10 (going into that game), right now from the numbers at least we haven?t seen much progress in Dorrell?s predictable run-up-the-gut vanilla rushing offense.

Which brings us to the passing game. Here are the breakdown in Bruins passing performances in our first 8 v. the last 3:

Bruin Passing Offense (First 8 v. Last 3)

Att. Comp. Comp. % Yards YPG YPC TD Int.
First 8 Games 256 149 58.20 1608 201.00 10.79 10 9
Last 3 Games 87 48 55.17 642 214.00 13.34 4 3

Again there isn?t much sign of progressive in this category either. The completion percentage is down (Olson?s injury is a factor in this case). The total yards per game has improved by a meager total of 12 yards (from 201 to 213). That number was boosted by the two huge passing plays from Cowan to Breazell last Saturday. There hasn?t been any improvement in the all important category of production of TDs per game and cutting down on the ratio of TD to Ints. In fact if you take away the two pass plays against ASU, the Bruin offense was basically stuck in neutral gear against the Fun Devils hapless defense.

Another important to thing to note. The ratio of rushing to passing plays. If anything the Bruins have gone slightly more conservative calling more rushing plays in our last 3 games (53 percent of the times) compared to the first 8 (51 percent of the times).

And the product on the field looks mediocre. It hasn?t shown the ability to sustain drives by putting together a mistake free, fluid, multi-dimensional offense which keeps opposing Ds on their heels. There is no flow to this offense as it still seems to be depending on its defensive team-mates to bail the team out from it?s impotent performance on the field.

And yet Dorrell?s minions are out there talking about progress?

I have no problem with Cowan starting against Southern Cal given the fact that he is 2-0 in last two games (whatever that?s worth). However, if the offense continues to be stuck in neutral and show zero signs of life, then Dorrell should show guts and think about bringing in Olson to reignite this listless unit.

Then again will Dorrell show that courage? Yeah we saw that fake punt against ASU (in a game that didn?t mean much ? sorry if we are not impressed by sloppy wins to get to Pineapple Bowl). But are we going to see Dorrell exhibit some real courage and his much ballyhooed offensive genius in the most important game of the season? Beacase as of today from the number at least it's pretty clear whether Dorrell keeps that playshit in or out of his pants it really doesn't have much impact on the flow (or lackthere of) of Bruin offense.