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Victory on 12/2

Pom Pom owns Karl Dorrell. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make that argument. In 2 out of 3 matchups vs. Dorrell, Pom Pom smashed and humiliated Dorrell's football team, sullying the name of U.C.L.A. in front of the whole world. The only accomplishment Dorrell has in last three years v. Southern Cal? Couple of recruiting wins here and there (Bryan Pryce comes into mind) and that true moral victory at the Rose Bowl from two years ago, which sent Dorrell supporters into a tizzy for few weeks till it all came crashing down against Wyoming.

So some in Dorrell's programs are feeling good these days coming off 2 straight wins against couple of hapless Pac-10 has-beens. Efforts will probably be underway from Morgan Center to exude the feeling how this will be gratifying season if somehow UCLA can make a good showing "competing" (watch for that word next two weeks) against Southern Cal, and get it's 7th win in some no name bowl game during Christmas week. And if by chance Dorrell pulls of a victory against Southern Cal, it will be billed as the one of the greatest victories in the history of UCLA football, allowing Dorrell to collect million dollar checks for at least 3-4 more years.

However, if you look at the numbers from last three years into the Southern Cal and UCLA teams, you will see a victory against Pom Pom's program will not be all that big of a deal at the Rose Bowl.

Here are the numbers for Southern Cal from last four years to date. I highlighted 2004 because you know that was the year Dorrell almost pulled of his true moral victory ... er ... snatched defeat from jaws of victory:

Southern Cal (2003-06)

Year Record Rush Off. Pass Off. Tot. Off. Scoring Off. Rush Def. Pass Eff. Def. Total Def. Scoring D
2003 12-1 155.92 291.62 447.54 41.08 60.15 110.92 336.38 18.38
2004 13-0 177.38 271.69 449.08 38.15 79.38 101.33 279.31 13.00
2005 12-1 260.00 319.77 579.77 49.08 130.54 118.77 360.92 22.85
2006 9-1 142.20 250.00 392.20 31.10 92.10 106.22 288.60 14.20

Few things jump out at once:

Pretty clear this is Southern California?s weakest offensive teams from last four years. Don?t get me wrong. They still have their superstars in DeWayne ?Free Rent? Jarrett and Steve Smith. However, I just don?t see why the DeWayne Walker defense should be shuddering about a Trojan running game, which is nowhere close to the effectiveness of Lendale and While. And given how the Bruin D ransacked Brady Quinn?s offense in South Bend, I think it is more than reasonable to expect from Davis, Hickman, Harwell, and Brown to hit Booty in the chin, and make him spit blood on the Rose Bowl turf.

Few people are worried about the Trojan D. But numbers wise they actually brought in a more impressive defense in 2004, when the Bruins pulled out a win without MJD. If not for KD?s clock mismanagement and questionable calls on Bush fumble, Bruins would have ended the streak two years ago. But we are not going to cry about the ref?s call. We will leave that up for the Sooners fans.

In any event this year Bruins head into this game with the best defense in the Dorrell era. Their offense has been sputtering. However, they are going to have the same amount of talent on offense they did going into the 2004 game without MJD (who was all banged up). Here are UCLA numbers from last four years. 2004 highlighted again:

UCLA (2003-06)

Year Record Rush Off. Pass Off. Tot. Off. Scoring Off. Rush Def. Pass Eff. Def. Total Def. Scoring D
2003 6-7 91.92 203.00 294.92 19.08 116.92 113.66 217.62 23.46
2004 6-6 184.92 225.08 410.00 30.08 210.08 118.35 432.92 25.75
2005 10-2 160.67 270.33 431.00 39.08 232.75 128.48 468.08 34.17
2006 6-5 124.73 204.55 329.27 23.55 93.09 123.77 302.64 18.73

So what am I getting here?

We expect a victory over the Trojans. And we think a victory over Trojans will not be all that of a shocking occurrence considering the talent we have sprinkled throughout the roster (again Bruins are third in the conference behind Southern Cal and Cal in terms of overall talent in its depth chart).

Bruins have the manpower on defense to bottle up the Trojans. So it will be up to their offense to make some big plays, and sustain some drives giving their team-mates on the other side some much needed resting time. I do think KD should start Cowan riding whatever momentum he has from last two wins. Hopefully PC will come out and make some big plays, mounting sustaining drives like he did initially against Cal. If PC does that, QBing an offense without any mistakes, then the Bruins will be fine. Otherwise, if he is showing any signs of ineffective offense (which he showed during first halves of ASU and OSU), then KD should signal for BO. If KD takes some chances on offense, special teams couple of big plays, and the D maintains it?s intensity from last two games the Bruins will win this game.

Trojans will be coming off a huge game against the Irish. And judging from their performances against Washington, ASU, and OSU (teams which the Bruins beat and should have beaten), it is more than reasonable to expect the Bruins to finally end that insufferable streak and end the agony of last 7 years.

And judging from the numbers even when the Bruins pull out this win, while we should go bonkers over it, we shouldn?t look at it as OMFG it?s the greatest Bruin win ever! Nothing is one the line for UCLA except to play of the role of spoilers. Not even a Rose Bowl or even a Holiday Bowl is on the line. And that is why UCLA should fire Dorrell even after our boys pull of the expected "W" ending the streak on December 2nd.

We should own those motherf*ckers in our own house. Beating them at the Rose Bowl should be a norm, not an aberration in the UCLA football program. The fact that the Bruins find themselves in a situation where players are pathetically giddy over making into some Pineapple Bowl and certain fans are apprehensive about apprehensive about a win over these SCums on December 2nd is a damning indictment on Karl Dorrell. And that is why he should be fired or resign after the Bruins pull out the victory on 12/2