Greetings From Maui

So I'm here in Maui getting ready for tonight's tournament opener versus Chaminade. First of all, this whole area is great. As Diane Pucin wrote about earlier it is somewhat like a mini Final Four with fans walking around and chanting and banenrs up everywhere.  The players from all 8 teams can be found walking around the Kaanapali area and I was lucky enough to get a room on the same floor as the UCLA players and coaches so I've seen all of them multiple times and have been in the elevators with them quite a few times. By far the most engaging of all the players is Darren Collison. I was in the elevator with him earlier today and he was joking around, asking me to predict a score for tonight and telling me that after tournament he'll give me a jersey. Another great personality is Ben Howland who told me since there are no students here or band or cheerleaders he expects me to lead the UCLA crowd and give us a home court advantage. Overall, every player and coach here has been great to everyone and the atmosphere is great. I will be taking pictures and updating as the tournament progresses.

Go Bruins!!!

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