Men's Soccer to Quarterfinals

Tonight our men's soccer team (#8 seed) manhandled #9 seeded Clemson 3-0 in front of a large crowd at Drake.  We scored quickly (11th minute) and never let up.  Freshman David Estrada had 2 goals and Soph Sal Zizzo added another.  Clemson was a lot bigger and more rough than we were but we seemed to pass all around them quite well.  They became very flustered and started fouling our players and throwing the ball after penalties.  

Anyways this is what Clemson Coach Trevor Adair had to say about our team, "They are by far the most technical team we have played this year. We knew they liked to move the ball around. We just couldn't stay with them. The kids fought hard, but the breaks just didn't fall our way. I give credit to UCLA. They are the best team we have played this year. Anybody that plays them is going to have a hard time."

So now we have to go to Duke on Sunday I believe and play the top seeded Devils.  This game should be difficult but the way the team is playing it will be a very winnable game.  Clemson beat Duke 1-0 a couple weeks ago and they just said we were the best team they have played all season.  We are definately pulling it together at the right time.  Maybe Mens and Womens soccer can be 100 and 101!

Go Bruins

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