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The Bruin Standard

UCLA is on the verge of championship number 100.

The eighth-seeded men's soccer team is making a bid for that banner number 100, by charging through the NCAA tourney. They blasted into in the round of 8 by beating up Clemson 3-0 over the weekend.  Meanwhile, the second-seeded women's soccer team is also making their bid to bring home banner number 100 as they are also charging through their own tournament, hosting a quarterfinal game in Westwood this Friday. The Lady Bruins charged their way into soccer's elite eight with a 3-2 victory over third-seeded Florida.

As ranelar posted the women's volleyball team demolished the number 4 ranked Trojans last Friday as they will also likely make a serious run for the championships.

Championships - that is what defines a UCLA athlete. All of the teams mentioned above are elite programs. They are all shooting for national championships. They are all made up of elite athletes who settle for nothing less. Remember this unforgettable quote from Jordan Farmar after the Bruins made it to Final-4 this past spring (emphasis mine throughout):

Everyone in the U.C.L.A. locker room agreed that while the trip to Indianapolis is nice, the result that everyone in Westwood wants has not arrived yet.

"At U.C.L.A., no other banner but national championships go up," Farmar said.
Yeap. That's what being an UCLA athlete is all about. Isn't it? Being mindful of the fact that he or she is playing in some of the world's best programs, while contending for the ultimate prize. That's the Bruin standard which holds true not only in our glorious athletic tradition but also through fabric of this incredible university comprised of some of the most elite professors and students in the entire country (if not the whole world).

Anyways while pretty much every single athletic programs with UCLA on their jerseys are shooting for championships, this is what we are getting from Dorrell's football program:
"It's huge. Huge," UCLA fifth-year receiver Junior Taylor said of being bowl eligible. "You never want to wait until the last game to become bowl eligible. We took care of it already, and it ensures we get to play another game. That's what it's all about, that extra game."

The achievement might seem modest, but after the Bruins dropped four straight games before last week's defeat of Oregon State, it appeared they would not qualify for a bowl for the first time since 1999.

"It is big," Bruins cornerback Trey Brown said. "That's something we strive for at the beginning of the season, to get to a bowl game. Especially a program like UCLA, where the expectations are you're expected to get to a bowl game."
Yeah ?it?s all about? getting that ?extra game? especially a program like UCLA huh? Especially a program like UCLA which has 18 conference championships, 12 Rose Bowls, and 1 national championship, it is all about making to some Pineapple Bowl?

So while rest of Westwood's sons and daughters are contending (and making legitimate runs) for national championships the football team is basking in mediocrity.

And you wonder why we think there is something so rotten in the core of Dorrell's football program?