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Practice in Paradise

I doubt anyone is still here tonight, but in case someone wants to discuss tonight and/or Kentucky in the morning, this is the post game thread.

Ben Howland's Bruins got a nice tuneup (88-63 over Chaminade) before they face off with Kentucky tomorrow night. The bench and our young guys got some minutes. Afflalo regained his shooting touch (10-14 FG), DC put on his one man show, and Maurice Jones-Drew found the endzone on Monday Night Football. A satisfying night for Bruins past and present.

Bruin D let up a bit in the second half. Maui will do that to you (as will a 21 point lead). I expect Howland will have this corrected soon enough.

The postgame pic goes to the 25 point man:

See you all in the morning.
Beat the Wildcats!