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The Hunt for Number 100

Once again hope everyone had an awesome Turkey Day. Mrs. N and I did get a chance to catch Ben Ball warriors' dismantling of an ACC powerhouse on Thanksgiving eve. Yes we still have lot of improvements to make however Dohn might have been right on the money when he contemplated that our Bruins may be more improved from last season.

Meanwhile, other UCLA sports teams (not led by Karl Dorrell) continue to shoot for championships (number 100). Women's soccer made into their Final-4 with a thrilling win the elite eight last night:

Photo from official site

Ladies head off to North Carolina for their Final-4. Guess they call it the "College Cup" for women's soccer.

Anywhoo this will be the Bruins fourth straight college cup appearance. Congrats to the Lady Bruins. They will off course settle for nothing less than a championship. This is not a program that is gratified with "College Cup" appearances, which is their version of making into the BCS game. They have the mentality of champions.