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The Heart-And-Soul

In case there is any doubt about who is the heart and soul of Ben Ball, here is Coach Howland:

"No offense to Jordan, but our heart and soul from last year's team is the same as this year. It's the guy down there on the left,'' Howland said while pointing to Arron Afflalo at the edge of the post-game press conference podium after Wednesday's win against Georgia Tech to claim the Maui Invitational title.

"He plays with such passion at both ends of the floor, but I also feel the same about the rest of our guys,'' Howland said.
Those are some powerful and frank comments from the best UCLA head coach to grace Westwood since Coach Wooden. We are lucky to have a kid like AA to be a leader for our program. With Coach Howland in charge we are going to see more kids like him have their shining moments in blue and gold.

Just one reason why there is absolutely no reason to worry whatever happens in programs in rest of the Pac-10 or in the country. We are going to dominate with our Ben Ball warriors. The tourney this week was yet another sign what Ben Ball has in store for us in the coming years.