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The Return of Southpaw Jesus?

So looks like talks have been heating up about the return of Southpaw Jesus. Looks like Dorrell is entertaining the notion of starting a healthy SPJ against Southern Cal. From the LA Times:

If Ben Olson's knee injury continues to improve, there's a good chance that the UCLA sophomore quarterback will start against USC on Dec. 2, according to Coach Karl Dorrell.

"But I want to make sure that he's ready," Dorrell said after Tuesday's practice. "He's feeling close to 100%, so physically, he's feeling a whole lot better.... But mentally, I have to make sure -- and he has to make sure -- that he's ready to go for this type of game."
and from the SB Sun (via Daily News):
"It is possible that Ben could start," Dorrell said. "I want to make sure he's ready. He's feeling close to 100 percent, so physically, he's feeling a lot better. Mentally, I've got to make sure he's ready to go in this kind of game. Pat knows as well that the plans are if Ben is ready to go and is 100 percent, (Olson) will get the opportunity to be the starter. Pat knows if that's not the case, he's going to be the guy, just like the last six weeks. They're both on the same page."
Well I hope all this is nothing short of games on the part of Karl Dorrell to throw the Trojans off. Because it would be madness at this point to start SPJ against the Trojans considering Cowan is coming off two straight wins as a starter.

Don't get me wrong. I will take Southpaw Jesus over Cowan any other time of the season. But this is not a normal time. Cowan even though has been no where close to spectacular in his last three games (since Dorrell took over play calling) still has strung together two wins. I think it will be better for the team's mindset if they go in next Saturday with Cowan as starter with full understand that the Jesus will enter the Rose Bowl if Cowan is ineffective.

I don't think it would be wise on Dorrell's part to experiment by starting SPJ. There is no need for our much maligned offense to start off an unsure note yet again. We know what we are going to get with PC at this point. Why not start him and see if he can put together some drives early on like he did against Cal and during second half against Oregon State. If PC is not being effective early on, then Dorrell can bring in Southpaw Jesus, who may be able to light an emotional fire in the Bruins Nation.

So I think it is more advantageous for UCLA to start Cowan and let the Trojans play the guessing game on whether or not they are going to face the Southpaw Jesus. Why show their hand by declaring SPJ the starter for this game early on? It would be the wrong move in my book.

Oh and by the way we are going to start using that nick name - Southpaw Jesus - again, from here on out no matter how much whining we hear about it. Because ever since we stopped using the name, everything went downhill for SPJ. So for the purpose of karma SPJ is back on Bruins Nation.

We will be back with a special live game thread for tonight's big game involving the SCums from cross-town.