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GO IRISH: Bye Week Game Day Open Thread

Earlier in the week I was thinking it'd be nice to have a 1 win Southern Cal team waltz into the Rose Bowl, which would make the expected Bruin victory over Pom Pom's thugs even sweeter. But after reflecting a little more this past week, I have changed my mind. It wouldn't matter whether we beat a 1 loss Trojan team or a 2 loss one. A Bruin victory is going to taste hella sweet no matter what's at stake for the Trojies next Saturday. So with that in mind, LET'S GO IRISH.

Here is to moment like this the Saturday before December 2:

An Irish win will knock off that f*cking smug smirk over this scumbag's face. For that alone it'd be worth it. It will knock these clowns off their game and will have them questioning themselves with nothing else to play for until the Rose Bowl.

And no matter how we all feel collectively about Karl Dorrell we want our Bruins to win. And a victory by the Irish will serve as a psychological boost for our valiant players who deserve to finish this lost season with a feel good win.

So once again LET'S GO IRISH. F*CK SC.

This is our bye week game day open thread.