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Think Positive

So here we are with yet another F*ck SC week. I know there are no shortage of reasons why so many of us here in BN should feel demoralized and frustrated from last seven dark years. It is sickening to see how rest of the world fall all over themselves kissing the rear ends of Pom Pom and his goons from South Central. There are lot of reasons for all of us to be extremely upset and disappointed with Karl Dorrell and his coaching staff to let the gap between Southern Cal and UCLA to the point that no one from Morgan Center seems to flinch when national sportscasters mock and disregard our Bruins as a mere bump in Trojan's march towards yet another NC.

Despite all of that I am still going to encourage everyone here on BN to put all of that aside for next 144 something hours, and just think positively about next Saturday. I know the reality is harsh. However at the same time we can't let our players forget what this rivalry means to us.  We will get back to the task of holding Dorrell accountable after this Saturday and keep pointing out how he has been a complete disaster as the HC of this program after this Saturday. However, up until then let's give it a shot in thinking positively and talk about how our Bruins can end the streak, and end the humiliations, heart aches, and insufferable embarrassments of last seven years.

Yes the Trojans are marching. They have now demolished Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame, three teams that beat us on their home turf.  On our side we are on a 2 game winning streak of our own, against less talented teams, one of them which defeated the Trojans, and the other got a "moral victory."  Trojans are once again knocking on the door of a BCS, while Dorrell's Bruins are once again coming in this game with an underachieving 6 win team, which should have had at least 8 wins on their resume.

Yet watching the Trojans last night I did seem some chinks in their armor:

I pointed out last week that this is not the same Leinart machine that the Bruins have taken on last few years. Booty is a decent QB. But he is not invincible. Bruin can rattle him. And the key will be on Davis, Harwell, Brown and Davis to generate pressure from front-4 to have him on the run. Simply put the Bruins will have to bloody up Booty. The Irish defense didn't generate much pressure through their front 4, giving Booty lot's of time. I expect our guys up front to contain their running attack (unlike the Irish D). So it will come down to whether we can stop Booty or not.

Also wrt to the Trojan offense - pretty clear it is fueled by Jarrett and Smith. If we can stay with those guys and generate enough pressure on Booty through stunts, we will be able to disrupt their rhythm.  I think our D has enough talent and are playing with decent enough scheme this year that they will able to create turnovers and give our O some chances.

That brings us to our O. Except for the Utah game, and some extended spurts during Arizona, Oregon State, and Cal game, we haven't done much all season. But we are not that helpless. Trojans have great LBs and CBs. But they don't always generate a lot of pressure through their front-4. Pom Pom loves creating pressure through lots of corner blitzes. If we can pick up those blitzes, our offense may get opportunities to get its share of short passing plays. So if there is nothing down the field perhaps either South Paw Jesus or Pat Cowan will be looking to Markey, Pitre, Paulsen (may be he will not have the dropsies any more during the game of his life) as hot receivers and picking up decent chunk of yardage.

Our running game has not been very consistent all season. However, I do believe we have decent enough backs in Markey, Moline, and Bell who should be able to mount a serviceable running attack this Saturday. They shouldn't feel pressure to put up 200+ yards against the Trojans stiff defense. They shouldn't feel pressured to avg. 4 ypc. But a decent attack in which they are not getting bottled up for 2 yards or less every carry will do. We just need enough ground game from those three, that will keep the Trojan LBs honest. In other words we will need a good mix of pass/run calls on first downs, and not be so damn predictable as we have been the whole season.

If you have more thoughts on the match-ups please chime in the comment thread.

Guys I have got to tell you ... I am sincere when I write that I am genuinely excited about this game week.  I have one of those feelings I can't quiet explain.

I know all year we have given Dorrell and his coaching staff hell for their follies this season continuing the trend of last three. But as mentioned above I am going to lay off and put all the hard feelings aside for this week. We can't control what happens on the field. But we can certainly create a feeling around our players letting them know the entire Bruins Nation will be behind them when they take the field this Saturday. Just think positively for this week and we will address all of our other issues after the game.

And as the commentators themselves said last night this is the year to get the Trojans. So let's harness all the emotion we have bottled up inside against these insufferable, morally corrupt, smug motherf8ckers in ketchup and mustard, and let it all out in support of our boys in blue and gold this Saturday.

Make sure you show up early.

Wear your blue and gold.

And let it all out, be loud, and get on those cheating thugs from before kickoff through the very end.

We are going to win this Saturday. I can feel it.

F*ck SC.