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Seven Years Ago ...

This is how they celebrated when they ended our streak in their house seven years ago (emphasis mine):

And the ugly game got even uglier when it was over, as hundreds of raucous fans ran wildly and violently around the field to celebrate USC's first victory over UCLA since Bush was in office.

As most of UCLA's stunned players left the field, Nece just stood near the tunnel and looked on.

"I took time to watch them celebrate on the field as a school and a community. That's motivation to start working in the offseason and it starts right now," he said.

UCLA's locker room was a familiar scene, so quiet you could hear a streak drop. Only seven days after an enormous win over Washington, the Bruins were in a state of disbelief.

"It's kind of strange. I haven't lost to 'SC in either football or volleyball so I know what it's like to beat them," Farmer said. "And when you lose it's kind of shocking."

Meanwhile, the Trojans (5-6, 3-5 in Pac-10) acted as if they had won the national championship.

"If I had a dollar for every time people said 'I don't care what you do but beat UCLA,' I'd be rich," USC coach Paul Hackett said. "I think the tide has turned and I expect the tide to be turned for quite some time."
Instead of worrying too much about what the MSM assclowns are spouting all week on the WWL and in the local and traditional print media, I want every single member of the Bruin Den to visualize this picture over next 6 days:

When it happens it will be incredible. I cannot describe the feeling what it feels like to beat those imbeciles. I cannot describe what it feels like to see those Trojans walking back to their cars on our golf course head down. Just picture it and think positive. DeWayne Jarrett and Steve Smith feasted over a pathetic Irish secondary. But Horton, Keyes, Brown, Van, and Verner are going to play with fire in their eyes. They are going to play for number 15. They are going to come out and blow up Jarrett and Smith roughing those little b!tches up before they get off from LOS. They believe. I know they do. Otherwise they wouldn't have come close to getting it done in South Bend. Emotion is such a powerful weapon. When a team has it, size and talent advantages won't matter. Especially in college athletics.

When they come out of the Rose Bowl tunnel next Saturday you all need to let them know we are with them. No matter how we feel about our head coach, we are going to be with them. Because all of us are going to visualize the picture above for next six days. Law of averages and most importantly karma have a weird way of working out. Our time is coming.

Let's end the streak this Saturday and work on getting Dorrell out ala Koetter at ASU or better yet Hackett at South Central.