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Not A Typical Game Week ...

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Guys who I have been friends with offline (i.e. Menalaus) for years going back to college days know how I feel about the Trojans. Simply put I hate anything and everything about Southern California. Part of me wishes that joke of a "university" was demolished into the ground and build into something more worthwhile that would benefit it's surrounding community instead of tending to spoiled, rich, smug sons of b!tches who will always have a chip on their shoulder for getting rejected from Cal and UCLA.

There is nothing classy about OJ "University" as exemplified by this immortal image from our 1990 game at the Rose Bowl:

That was Todd Marijuanaivich flicking off Matt Darby after Darby nailed him for a sack and extended his hand to show good sportsmanship during the 1990 game. BTW Darbey got his revenge the following year ending a 4 game winless streak against Southern Cal.

Anyways going back to the point of this post although the Trojan nation is generally dominated by classless, smug, criminal pr!cks such as OJ and Marijuanavich, there are some rare Trojans out there who have some sense of class and dignity. And Paragon SC and his fellow bloggers from Conquest Chronicles happen to be some of those rare classy Trojans who are hard to come by both on and offline. I know Paragon is interested in doing a "roundtable" leading up to Saturday:

There is still work to be done as we need to get ready for the Bruins.  We need to bomb them back to the stone age. Lets kick Dorrell's ass so that UCLA can try and find a real coach to make this rivalry worth something again. It's going to be a great week. Hopefully we can have a little roundtable with BN to discuss the big game.
That's nice. But I think we are going to pass on it. We don't need any pity from the Trojans (even with the ones with nothing but good intentions).

Again nothing against Paragon SC (who is one of the better writers in college football blogosphere). We have done four of these roundtables throughout this football season. And every time we did this roundtable exchanging Q&As bloggers from other teams - Washington, Oregon, Notre Dame and Cal - our Bruins lost all of those games. As much as we respect the work of Conquest Chronicles, we are not going to have any roundtable with Trojans this game week on BN. We haven't done these roundtables for 2 games in a row (rejecting the last bid from an ASU blogger) and no way we are going to jinx anything now. Whatever it takes to get the mojo going for our Bruins.

This is not a typical game week for the Bruins Nation.

F*ck SC.