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"The Humanitarian"

We know Trojans will go as far as calling Pom Pom a "physical genius" but this ... this is just out of control. Click on this and be prepared to ... well vomit:

That was not a joke. Apparently that is Peter Carroll's personal website which calls him a "humanitarian."

HT to House Rock Built who had this to say about what you just saw:

This... this... this... monstrosity. This brutal violation of all things good and merciful in the world. This soulless raping of the very conventions of decency in humanity. I got about halfway through it before I clawed my eyeballs out with quivvering and unquenchably violent fingernails. It's so, so, so awful, and it's such an embodiment of everything that is awful about Pete Carroll. If you watch this flash intro to his website in its entirity and still do not hate Pete Carroll, then you are a depraved husk of a human being who does not belong in society.
If Dorrell doesn't end the agony this weekend he should never be allowed to attend a single UCLA related function.