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Scared ...

We have some interesting news coming out of UCLA practice. Southpaw Jesus and Patrick Cowan split times practicing with first-team offense. From the LA Times:

Quarterbacks Ben Olson and Patrick Cowan split plays Tuesday with the first-team offense. Although Coach Karl Dorrell said he'll name a starter later this week, he praised Olson's work after practice.

"He did good," Dorrell said of Olson, who has not played since he tore a ligament in his left knee against Arizona on Oct. 7. "We did a lot of instillation on both sides and I thought that he handled it pretty well."

Olson said he's close to full recovery and ready for USC.

"I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to it," said Olson, who returned to practice late last month. "This is a big game. I've been out six games or so and I feel like I'm back, but it's Coach Dorrell's decision."
I am still not sure how to feel about this. I think at this point it'd be prudent for us to go with Cowan and bring in SPJ early if Cowan is not being effective in moving the offense. I am not sure how I feel about starting SPJ after he being out of (game) action for almost two months. Then again he looked spectacular in his first game following a three year hiatus, so may be there is some merit to the decision of starting SPJ. It may be the right decision for this game, considering this is a game that is made for heroes. And Olson by all account when he is 100 percent healthy is the best quarterback in this team, and perhaps the best talent in Dorrell's football program. So it is going to be very interesting to see who KD announces as the starter in next 24-48 hours.

Well T J Simers thinks the Southpaw Jesus will be getting into the action this Saturday. And after getting his obligatory snark out of the way, he hints at the Bruins' chances this Saturday (emphasis mine):
I LIKE UCLA's pass rush, and the pressure the Bruins can put on John David Booty, which could negate Dwayne Jarrett & Co. The Bruins have to make Booty uncomfortable.

"We've got to stay in the game," Dorrell said, which means keeping it close into the fourth quarter and buying time for quarterback Ben Olson to find his way after missing six starts because of an injured knee.

The longer the Bruins hang around, the scarier it gets for USC.

Admit it, you're getting nervous about the UCLA game, and it hasn't even started.
Perhaps TJ has been reading the Nation.

Well I have said I just have this weird feeling going into this weekend's game, which I can't quiet describe. I have laid out in my previous posts the reasons for which I am optimistic about our chances going into this Saturday. has further breakdown on this game. Here are DD's pointers on what Bruins need to do to end the streak this Saturday:
*We need to win the turnover battle with +2/+3 turnover margin (refer to OSU's win)
*We need to score when we are in the red zone, field goals won't win (obvious - open up the playbook)
*We need to keep attacking at all times, do not go conservative if we have the lead
*We need to get to Booty fast and hard, rattle him to get the team out of synch and get those turnovers
*We need to keep their passing game in check so that we can keep the score close (stay close to and push receivers inside on cover 2s)
*We need to test and attack their corners.
In terms of keeping their passing game in check, I have read the concerns about our DBs facing off against the combo of  Jarrett and Smith. But keep in mind in terms of talent in our secondary we are not exactly some little sisters of the poor. Eight Bruins were honored by the Pac-10 yesterday, and three of them happened to be from the Bruins' defensive backfield (Horton, Verner, and Brown). I know Rodney Van has been maligned all season (even singled out and scapegoat by his coaches after the Washington game) but the kid has lot of raw talent and he has been playing with a lot of poise and sense of purpose during last two games. This could be one game in which he finally puts everything together and make up for the some of frustrations during this year and last couple of years. We are going to be pulling for him and all of his team-mates to make it happen.

If the Bruins play up to their potential (from Southpaw Jesus to Rodney Van) they are going to pull this out. It will be up to Karl Dorrell and his coaching staff to make sure our kids play up to their potential and end this insufferable streak. They (coaches) have been coming short this whole season, but perhaps for once they will get it right. Dorrell knows bullsh!t spin of "moral victory" is not going to be enough this season. Heck even a victory is not going to be enough to erase the disappointments of past four seasons. But at least it will ameliorate some of the bad vibes from this past season. We all need this win. And lot of us can taste it. And the Trojans know it. Don't be fooled by the typical smug BS coming out of South Central this week. Simers underneath all his potent snark hints at something that no one else is writing about - deep down the Trojans are little nervous about this Saturday.

They should be a little scared.

Their reign of terror is about to end at the hands of one of the worst coaches in the history of UCLA football.