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LA Times Channels "Bruin nation"

You don't think Guerrerro is hearing us? Check this out from Diane Pucin's article on Ben Ball warriors being ranked number 1 (emphasis mine throughout):

"We arguably believe we have the best inclusive athletic program in the country," UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero said. "It's what we do and how we do it. As athletic director of this program, I could not be more proud of the UCLA brand."

Guerrero said he knew the "Bruin nation" was buzzing about UCLA basketball returning to the top and didn't skip a beat when it was mentioned some in the "Bruin nation" were not as enamored of the 6-5 football team.

"We want highly ranked programs across the board," Guerrero said. "We expect to win and when that doesn't happen, we expect to hear from fans. But we have a plan. The plan is to move forward and we need to do that in sports that aren't performing as well."
Now isn't that interesting? Pucin made sure to put "Bruin nation" in close quotes.

Also even more interesting how DG again given a chance to give Dorrell an express vote of confidence when served up with a softball from Pucin, remained vague by making some cryptic references to a "plan".

And another interesting note. Check out this quote in the same article from soccer coach Jorge Salcedo who channels Bruins Nation:
UCLA men's soccer Coach Jorge Salcedo said after his team's trip to Duke that "100% of what's happening in athletics at UCLA doesn't get enough credit. To take a phrase out of the Oakland Raiders book, we have a commitment to excellence here. Hopefully that can carry over to football this weekend."

Oh, that.

The Trojans and Bruins play at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. At stake? A national championship game appearance for USC. A chance to deny that to USC is the best UCLA can hope for.
Seems to me Jorge (and I can call him Jorge considering he was one of our classmates whooping it up in all those of Westwood parties back in the day) is channelling the sentiments from our posts in "Other Sports," in which we are constantly making the point why doesn't the football team the same committment to excellence we see in our other sports.

Now that should put to rest any doubt on whether our words, discussions backed up facts and powered by Bruin passion make a difference on the broader conversation going on in the UCLA community. So let's keep it going.

I have said this numerous times before on BN: we are not living in Donahue era anymore when no one had an outlet to get the voices of silent majority out except through the limited spaces of local papers Letter to the Editor section. Times have changed. We do have a way of making an impact in the broader narrative concerning UCLA athletics. Today's Pucin article is just another example of power of community building effort going through via Bruins Nation. So let's not feel sorry for ourselves over the underachievements of our football program and keep the conversation going on what is our broader vision of UCLA athletics backed up by reason, facts, and just common sense. Sooner or later our thoughts will be part of the broader conventional wisdom. It's not going to happen over night. We have to keep at it.