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Going Beyond the Thinker's Script

So Karl Dorrell at least in public is still sticking to his stale script and spewing his usual asinine gibberish clichés to the local press:

Dorrell on the growing pains UCLA has experienced this season: "It's still a learning process for us. We learned how to win last year through some difficult circumstances. This year, we've had some difficult circumstances that didn't go our way, but we've been able to finish the season pretty strong and we're hoping to finish it even stronger on Saturday.

"We're getting a better feel of what it takes. It takes a certain mind-set and attitude in your approach in how you go about your business. How you practice, how you train, how you do all of those things. We're gradually picking up the pieces in understanding that process."
Obviously all of that is just plain horsesh!t. This is Dorrell's 12th game in his 4th year in Westwood. So for him to still spew excuses of "growing pains" is just moronic and makes him look like a clueless peon compared to the other head coach down the hall way, who has put together a number 1 program within 4 years with underclassmen and without the stupid clichés spewing out of Dorrell's mouth during weekly press conferences.

There is no room for Dorrell's weekly BS excuses of "growing" and "learning" when the Bruins are on the verge of the ugliest streak in the history of this weekend's big game:
Southern Cal has never beaten us 8 times in a row.  Everyone knows that we beat the Trojans 8 years in a row up to 1999 when this current losing streak started.   Our 8 game winning streak is the longest in our `rivalry.'

That should be a surprise, and a call to arms, because by the inaugural game on September 28, 1929 we had played football only 10 seasons, and only 3 of those seasons were winning seasons.  The total number of games we played before that game was 74 and our record was 16-41-7.  By comparison, Southern Cal to that point had played 36 seasons and 227 games, and their record in those games was 159-52-16.  They had just won their first national title and back to back PCC conference titles.

They should have dominated us for a long time, but they could not put together any long streak against us.  The score of the first game demonstrated the difference in the development of both programs. The Trojans won 76-0. The next year, the second game, the Trojans won again but by a lesser margin, 52-0.  By the third game in 1936 we had already caught up to Southern Cal and tied them, 7-7.  That era would have been a great time for Southern Cal to build a long streak against a young program.  But the Trojans could never win more than 3 in a row.  In the 70s, they were able to put together a 4 game winning streak, but that was as high as they would go until the last 7 years.

That is what makes this streak so ugly.  Not even during our developmental years and some of their strongest years did the Trojans ever come close to dominating us like they have the past seven years.  Adding insult to injury, we put together a dominating streak of 8 wins against them, double their biggest streak against us to that point, only a short while ago.  And we are about to give that record away to them.
Well if Dorrell and his players (who are giddy over a bowl bid featuring 6 win programs) have any sense of pride left in themselves and our university, they will come out with their hair on fire this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

And for them to end this disgusting, horrible, wreteched, painful steak, Dorrell will have to do more than featuring a game plan which at least per Dorrell's public drivel will be based on trying to keep Bruins in the game.

In other words Dorrell is signaling in public he will stick to the script. Well that will most likely won't work considering it hasn't worked for him during his four miserable years in Westwood. DC Trojan, one of the more prolific bloggers from Conquest Chronicles has a good break down of this game, which includes this key nugget (emphasis mine):
There is one other factor which we haven't touched on, and that's coaching. Part of playing a lights-out game is taking some gambles. It's possible that this might be the game in which Dorrell and his staff decide to go for it on 4th down, to keep momentum going, etc., but can you really count on it?

UCLA has a talented team, not as talented as USC, but quite good enough to win the game
if they're having a good day - but it's hard to imagine the coaching staff breaking the tendency of the last several years to put them in that position.
DC is right.

We do have a team talented enough to pull out this victory if we are having a good day. And for that to happen Dorrell and his coaching staff cannot afford to stick to their ineffective (to date) script.

Bruins are not going to win this game just by trying to "stay in the game". Uh uh. That's not gonna work. Bruins will have to go out and make things happens. After getting the turnovers, they will have to take shots in the end zone. Instead of running up the gut in end zone, they will have to devise come up which can catch the speedy Trojan LBs by surprise. How about some misdirection plays, draw plays, anything to get the Trojans off guard. If PC is in the game have him use his wheels to get some key first downs. And if the Southpaw Jesus is in, have him roll out, use his deceptive mobility to move the pocket around a bit, roll out and throw to the FBs. Do something different.

The key question again is can we count our underachieving coaching staff to lay it on the line and go outside the parameters of their boring script to get this win?

The only way Karl - "the Thinker" - Dorrell is going to end this nightmarish seven game streak is if he coaches a game which instead of trying to "stay in the game," goes out directly after "the Humanitarian" (as he calls himself), grab him by the balls, yank them off, and slam them into the Rose Bowl grass. Because if he doesn't then that is exactly what the Humanitarian will do to him.

So whatever the Thinker is putting together for Saturday, we sure hope it involves something beyond the (ugly and boring) script we have seen during yet another nightmarish, unsatisfying, mediocre, underachieving Dorrell football season. Now is the time to go beyond the Thinker's script.

F*ck Southern Cal.