Daily Trojan: Dump Dorrell

From the diaries. Just in case anyone missed this. -A

An intellectually honest column from the dark side:

In the spirit of the holiday season, here is a charitable list of reasons why UCLA coach Karl Dorrell should keep his job: He only lost to USC by five points in 2004, works at bargain basement prices, and the Bruin basketball team is ranked No. 1 in the AP poll.

Beyond that, there's not much in his favor.

Dorrell is 28-20 in four seasons in Westwood, most of that bolstered by a completely improbable and fraudulent 10-2 mark last year.

With losses by 38 and 47 points, they made this season's outclassed Notre Dame look deserving of a BCS bid by comparison.

As the talking points at point out, UCLA has only a single road win over teams with winning records, 7-16 overall against those with a mark of .500 or better under his regime.

Dorrell has gone through coordinators like tissue, his bland demeanor on the sidelines reflective of how his Bruins have performed on the big stage.

The worst crime, however, is reducing the cross-town showdown between UCLA and USC into a second-rate rivalry.

Vanderbilt and Tennessee have produced more great games over the past three years than Dorrell has mustered.

That is from a brutally accurate column from the Daily Trojan. You have to read the entire article. Dorrell has disgraced this "rivalry" and disgraced UCLA.

A win this Saturday is going ease the pain but it will not wipe away the disappointment of last four years.

He needs to go away or get fired after UCLA beats Southern Cal.

Go Bruins.

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