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Wear Blue

I thought I'd provide a little analysis, since the game wasn't shown on TV.

I'm going to start with the bad:
We got outrebounded by a team of midgets. No really, our front line had three inches on their whole team, and they were simply more active scrambling for the loose balls. On the other end of the floor, we seemed content to settle for outside shots when we had them in foul trouble for the entire first half.

The free throw shooting? Atrocious. Yes, still. No conditioning excuses available for Mr. Mata considering that he missed two in the beginning of the game.

We just didn't have a very aggressive mindset in our half court set. We fouled this undersized team way too much on the perimeter in the second half when it seemed like funneling them into our bigs for shot blocking would have been a better option.

Now the good:
Despite all that, we won by 30. This team has incredible upside if Westbrook can provide that kind of spark off the bench on a consistent basis. He looked more in tune with the offense than I've seen this year, although we haven't seen much of him to begin with. Not to make excuses for the awful rebounding in this game, but to be fair, LBSU's shooters were horrendous, and many of their misses were complete bricks. Now that doesn't mean our guys shouldn't have been boxing out, but the ball definitely took some strange bounces off the rim (if it hit the rim at all) on LBSU shot attempts.

Okay, here's the ugly:
Where are my fellow students? Seriously, your team is #1 in the country, I don't care if you come too late to sit courtside, but those upper decks need to be filled. Yes, I know it's 9th week for you, but it's 9th week for all of us. Time to take a study break and get your asses in the seats. Kudos to those that did show up in the 300 sections though.

And here's one more thing: FRICKIN WEAR BLUE. It's blue and gold week, not that I need a reminder to wear my Moute Kicks Boute shirt. I saw white, black, green, down courtside, and that's just wrong. I know those of us that frequent this site probably don't need to be told this, but help out a friend if she's thinking about going to the game in some white blouse/black jacket combination. The only white I want to see is people wearing our home jerseys to the game. I don't mean to single out the ladies, because there were male perpetrators as well, but the majority of these people I am referring to are girls.

Alright, rant over.