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Dorrell Football Causing Students to Go Batsh!t at the Rosebowl

So this is what happens when your football program is a national joke. You do whatever it takes to get drunk before the game ... FAST:

I don't blame these students. If I were a student right now (and 21 or over) and I had to follow/root for Dorrell's joke of a football program, I'd do whatever was necessary to get hammered fast at the Rose Bowl.

Are you tired of this?

Then sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know.

Here are some choice comments from almost 200 Bruin fans who have signed the petition to dump KD:

I have been a season ticket holder off and on for over 25 years and I have NEVER been saddened as much as now over the state of UCLA's football program. Please pull the trigger and get us a new coach. Thank you
and this:
Karl may be an alum and a nice guy but this is not a training ground. His inability for game management and lack of continuity with assistant coaches tells me that things won't get better. The revenue generated from a top flight program will pay for whatever coach we need and there are plenty available. Act now before SC beats us 10 years in a row. 25 year season ticket holder and I have stopped going too.
and one more from a Double Bruin:
Dear Mr. Guerrero, I want to be clear that my displeasure in the status of UCLA's football team is not only about winning and losing; it is about installing an atmosphere that strives to excellence. Whereas I believe Karl Dorrell is wonderful at focusing on excellence outside of the football field, I do not believe his demeanor, nor skills, enable him to do so on the field. The losses to ND, Oregon and WSU, while painful due to their outcome, were more painful to me due to the reasons for the outcome--lack of adequate preparation, lack of a scheme that maximizes the ability of the players on the roster, and an attitude focusing on 'not losing' as opposed to winning. At present, I cannot see these factors changing, as they are, I believe, endemic to Mr. Dorrell's personality. As such, I believe a change is necessary; one in which excellence is strived for, and achieved, at the alma mater of both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Best regards, Jaime Goldfarb, Ph.D. (proudly attained at UCLA)
So do your part to save our football program and join other Bruins in demanding KD's removal today.

BTW we have no problem with drinking! We totally understand the need to put on your beer goggles to get through the ugliness of Dorrell football.