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Southern Cal Making Ticket Plans for BCS Championship

Southern California Administration already planning for the BCS championship game (from AP wire):

The University of Southern California, the Buckeyes' likely opponent, also will earmark about 1,000 tickets for students.

"Only about 1,000 students will probably be able to go for us, too, and if it's of any comfort to the upset students in Columbus, there are lots of sympathetic students over here on the West Coast," USC ticketing director Debra Duncan said.

Students who didn't win the chance to buy the $185 tickets also could get into the game by purchasing a university-sponsored tour package, at a cost of around $2,000. About 500 students took advantage of the offer, according to the athletic department.

"They want us to be the 'best fans in the land,' and I guess we had better be because they will only be sending a thousand of us," senior Jeff Sferro said.
Like I have said before if Karl Dorrell and his coaching staff have shred of pride left in their abilities as professionals they will make sure our players win this game Saturday.