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Cal Game Day Open Thread

If Dorrell is going to pull out his first win EVER against a team with winning record on the road, Bruins will have to play the same inspiring defense they did two weekends ago in South Bend:

Richard Hartog / LAT

That's right. Aaron Whittington (#42) and his team-mates will have to come out with their hair on fire harassing Longshore and other Tedford playmakers with a ferocious run stopping, quarterback popping, vicious all out blitzing defense. Oh and some touchdowns in the red zone will help. Let's hope Dorrell and co. put our guys in position to have a uhm "good finish" and bring home a huge win.

If you need a last minute briefing in today's stories here is our game day roundup and also some quick notes from DD.

Otherwise this is our game thread. Fire away.