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A Pathetic Loser (or a Liar?)

So let's take a quick look at some numbers this Sunday after another disgraceful Dorrell Saturday. Latest KD numbers:

  • 5-16 against teams with winning record
  • 0-10 against teams with winning record on the road
  • 0-3 against Southern Cal
  • has beaten only 3 Pac-10 teams with winning records at the Rose Bowl
And here are updated numbers at UCLA broken up in W-L records in first 6 games, and the remaining 6-7 games in his 3+ seasons:

Year First Half Record Second Half Record Result
2003 4-2 2-5 6-7
2004 4-2 2-4 6-6
2005 6-0 4-2 10-2
2006 4-2 0-3 4-5
Total 18-6 (.750) 8-14 (.364) 26-20 (.565)

Yes, the Bruins put up some decent stats last night (a good chunk of them compiled after Cal had already blitzed UCLA, going up by 35-10), but anyone with the slightest bit of football acumen watching the game last night knew that Dorrell had no chance.

Anyone could see this coward of a coach had no desire to win the game when the Bruins called yet another running play up the middle after the Cal had turned the ball over deep into their territory.

After 9 games this season, and after four years, it is pretty clear by now that Dorrell will never have the killer instinct necessary to become a successful head coach. This is a guy who exudes the personality of a happy, timid, cowardly loser who doesn't have any respect for our football program or the university.

Otherwise Dorrell wouldn't make statements like this after yet another asskicking on Saturday:

"I was really pleased with our effort, as a team," Dorrell said.
Those are the words of a pathetic loser with zero self-respect who shows no concern or worries about his team being a laughing stock of college football.  Dorrell is not slightest bit bothered about the fact that he has not won a single game on the road since he got humiliated by Mike Stoops last year.

More from the pathetic loser on last night's game:
"Our players played hard, and I think there was some real good improvement offensively," Dorrell said. "I think we worked hard on that, and I think that came through little bit. It was unfortunate we had two interceptions and could have put some points on the board and we also had missed field goals."
The difference between Dorrell and other teams coached by capable leaders. Here is Cal's DeSean Jackson in the LA Times:
"I thought UCLA came out and played well, but I guess it was one of those things where we started clicking and they couldn't keep up," said California sophomore DeSean Jackson, who broke the game open in the third quarter with 72-yard punt return for a touchdown.

"We were playing after a week off, while UCLA was coming off a loss. They had a lot of fight, but we seemed to have all the right plays called at the right time."
That seems to be the pattern. Doesn't it? Somehow, some way, it's UCLA's opponents who always seem to have all the right plays called at the right time.

After 9 games, we have 4 wins against Utah, Rice, Stanford, and Arizona.  And we really had a lot of trouble against Rice and Stanford.  We choked away a win in the last minute against an above-average (over-rated) Notre Dame, and we blew a huge lead against a less than average Washington team.  So we are losing to bad teams, mediocre teams, and good teams. And we have some wins against bad-to-sh!tty teams.

Yet, there is Dorrell saying with a straight face his team is making "progress." The questions becomes: is he pathetic liar or a pathetic loser with no self-respect?

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.  Meanwhile, don't forget to sign this petition asking UCLA to fire Dorrell and pass it on to everyone you know.

Do your part to our save our program from a pathetic liar or a loser today.