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Had Enough?

I am sure many of you already knew this. But, it bears repeating. This is what Karl Dorrell laid out as his expectation for the UCLA football program when he was hired as the head coach almost four years ago:

''My expectation for next year is to win the Pac-10 championship,'' Dorrell said. ''Winning the Pac-10 and beating our cross-town rival are the biggest things on my mind.''
Has he come close to meeting those goals?

Well, his first year ended with one of the most disgraceful and humiliating bowl losses in UCLA football history as the Bruins embarrassed themselves in some breast implant bowl, losing to a glorified community college in Fresno:

Reno Gazette Journal

Not only did Dorrell's first year team fail to win the Pac-10 championship and beat Southern Cal, it failed to improved upon the W-L record of the previous year's team (8-5) by finishing with a below .500 record (6-7) after that humiliating loss to Fresno State.

So, surely Dorrell came close to winning the Pac-10 championship and beating Southern Cal in his second season right?  Well, this is how Dorrell's second football season ended in 2004:

Joe Cavaretta, AP

That's how Dorrell's second football season ended after a true moral victory against Southern Cal with a record of 6-6. UCLA lost the freaking Las Vegas Bowl.

Well, after that disgrace it was going to be all about his third year. After all the talk about progress and turning the corner we heard about after a true moral victory, surely Dorrell would come up with that Pac-10 crown and victory over Southern Cal in his third season. Right? Well, Dorrell's team started with a record of 8-0 built on helter-skeleter, last minute stomach churning wins against teams like Stanford and Washington, before it got yet another dose of reality coming up with this:

Okay, that was just a misfire in the desert. Surely the players got it together and came up with an inspiring effort in UCLA's most important game of the season two weeks later. Right?

LA Times Photo

Oh well, you say. But he still won 10 games! Just wait till 2006, when Dorrell has one of his deepest teams with his own recruits, including big bad Ben Olson. Even Dorrell himself said he was going into 2006 with his "best" team yet. Surely the Bruins would find themselves in position to follow up the "10 win" season with another solid season that included coming up with at least 9 regular seasons and a victory over Southern Cal?

So what did we get? Here is the most glorified moment of Dorrell's football team in 2006 or, perhaps, in his entire career.

Richard Hartog / LAT

There you go. A moral victory in front of the whole nation.

That's as good as it gets for the Karl Dorrell era in Westwood.

Still want to hold out hope and stay the course till next year when Cal, Oregon, and Southern Cal come back with more experienced QBs and seasoned starters?

Still think Dorrell will win the Pac-10 next season?

Had enough?

Well, if so, then please sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know. It is time for him to go:

Hans Gutknecht/ Daily News

Sign the petition and save our program from Karl Dorrell.