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There is really no point in rehashing history in detail re. Matt Moore and Mike Riley. In short Mike Riley was Dan Guerrero's pick to take over for Bob Toledo, before Carnesale and Blackman anointed Karl Dorrell as the chosen one.

Dorrell then picked Drew Olson over Matt Moore botching the QB situation so badly that it led Moore to eventually transfer out to Corvallis.

Now we have no problem with Drew Olson and Riley wasn't all that inspiring of a choice. However, lot of Bruins fans didn't miss the irony while watching this unfold two weekends ago:

So Mike Riley may end up in Holiday Bowl before Karl Dorrell (with a squad nowhere close to UCLA in terms of talent on its roster), while Matt Moore in addition to becoming the first Bruin quarterback to beat Southern Cal in the new millennium, may also get to hammer in one of the last nails in Dorrell's coffin.

Karma can be such a b!tch.