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Coaching Rumors & Activism

So folks - Butch Davis to UNC -  is not a done deal yet. Per TSN's Tom Dienhart, Davis may be holding out for "greener pastures":

Davis may hold out for greener pastures than UNC

The North Carolina job remains on Butch Davis' plate. A source told me he was in Chapel Hill visiting on Tuesday, and Davis also is contacting coaches about joining his staff. But he could say "no thanks" and wait for a more attractive college gig like, say, Alabama or Texas A&M to open. Davis is a win-now coach, meaning he'd prefer to take over a program he can turn around quickly. That sure doesn't sound like North Carolina. But Miami fills that bill. And a source told me Davis would like to be involved if the Miami job opens, but I was told Davis likely burned too many bridges in Coral Gables with the way he left after the 2000 season. I also asked my sources: What if the Dallas Cowboys job opens? Is Davis viable? I was told he possibly could be, but only as a tier-two candidate.
(Emphasis mine.) Hmm, what other programs besides Alabama and Texas A&M can present Davis that opportunity to "win-now"? Maybe some program out West, which has a strong football tradition, and more talent than anyone out West except Southern Cal and Cal? Maybe a certain program where he would be able to coach an experienced blue chip QB to a possible 9-10 win season in his first year, opening up the flood gates of elite recruits from one of most talent-rich recruiting hotbeds in the country?

I think Alabama will probably be the favorite to go after Davis (should they implode down the stretch), but UCLA is still in this. Who knows, Davis may just settle for UNC, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he holds out.

Meanwhile, Mooch continues to show lukewarm interest in coaching in the Siberia of the Midwest aka East Lansing:
MSU is Mariucci's job to take

I just heard from a reliable source that Michigan State is set to offer its job to Steve Mariucci, just when it seemed that talk was dead. Now, it's another matter if he takes the job. Mariucci long has been connected to MSU, given his relationship with hoops coach Tom Izzo and the fact he's a native son. But Mariucci just doesn't seem like a good fit for the college game. And especially at a place like Michigan State, which needs a butt-kicking disciplinarian.
Interesting stuff.

Again, right now no one knows what is going to happen at UCLA in the next few weeks. Of course, Dorrell is doing what he can to spin, spin, and spin around like Lavin used to back in day, giving the impression that he is not going anywhere, yet we haven't heard anything definitive from DG since the Washington State game when he said Dorrell needs to "right the ship" and "win some games."

So let's keep up the activism online and offline in getting our message out regarding the failures of Karl Dorrell. If you haven't done it already, sign the petition, buy up Dump Dorrell t-shirts, and take your message offline, like these passionate Bruin students are already doing around campus:

We have gotten emails from folks saying they are going to be wearing "Dump Dorrell" t-shirts at the game. If you do so, please take pictures and post them here or send them back to us. Better yet, if you have the ability to record your activism and put it on YouTube, even better.

Dorrell and his minions can try their best to spin out of his miserable record in the forum afforded by often clueless and lazy traditional media, but truth will find a way of getting out. We will not relent or let this issue go, and we are counting on all of you taking the message from online to offline, letting everyone else in the Bruins Nation know what is really going on with UCLA football.

BTW make sure to root hard for Texas A&M and Alabama.