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a guy named bluebellknoll at bruinzone. It seemed like good information so I cut and pasted it to put here. I'm saying who it was and where I got it from so I think it's okay if I do this. Here it is:

From a reliable BRO poster (dude with tude) who's close to the Athletic Dept. as a scholarship sponsor.

According to people he talked to in the AD, KD is very well liked in the AD
"He knows everyone's name, he remembers birthday's , he's articulate, he's hard working, he's respectful of his superiors, he's respectful of his players and their parents, he is responsible for the kids academic health."

On the other hand, Howland is not well liked in the department.
"He treats people around him like sh*t and if you are not directly benefiting him and the basketball program, you are of little use to him. He is about one thing - the basketball program. He is brash, abrasive and often rude. He is relentless on wanting new facilities. He wins but he is not well liked by people in the AD."

BH has a greater chance of getting canned than KD. Oh, the irony.
BH is a hard-nosed, winner, and KD is just a nice guy.
Looks like KD is our next Terry Donahue (>20 years at UCLA). Oh, the horror.

It's me again, babyblue98. I was still at UCLA when KD and BH were hired. While I never saw KD around campus I did see Howland a few times and this seems pretty much true. Howland just looked like an intimidating guy who takes no bullshit when we crossed paths on campus in the morning. He does not look like the nice guy who praises the other teams we are about to play; he just plain looks intense, like he has a job to do and is on a mission to do it. I didn't even feel comfortable walking by him until about the third time I happened to run by him (I think we must've had the same schedule that quarter or something).

Oh well, I guess the AD is happy having secured their jobs, living in the prolonged fairy tale of college and having everyone around them be nice to them and tell them how great they are like KD does. Howland's too busy caring about winning. I guess he's an outsider as far as they're concerned.

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