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Ben Ball Open Game Thread

Well here we go. Here is to Kevin Love and Chase Stanback who sent in their LOI to play for the best coach in America yesterday.

Judging by Love's last visit at Pauley this is going to be ... uhm ... a natural fit:

Love in the Den/Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Good times.

Oh and I will say it again. While people are dreading over going to a regular season game watching Karl "the Thinker" Dorrell's underachieving football program, the Bruins Nation gets excited about freaking exhibition game. For those Dorrell apologists gushing about a bureaucratic bootlicker at the expense of best college basketball coach in America that should serve as our SCOREBOARD.

Anyways if you are looking to follow the game online (tip off 7:30 pm PST) you can do so by clicking here.

This is our first hoops game day open thread for 2006-07.

Well have at it boys and girls.

Thank you God for Ben Howland.