Rumor: Dan Guerrero says publicly KD here for another year

It is being reported on another board that Dan Guerrero appeared on the Simers and Rogin radio program this morning and stated that KD will be here next year.  Did anyone hear this??  Can anyone confirm either way what was said?  The person reporting this appears to be an apologist and just wants everyone to stop talking about KD getting fired. He may even be a Dorrell lackey for all we know.  In any event, he is reporting a Dan Guerrero quote on a radio program so it should be confirmable somehow. Here is the post, partially.

Dan Guerrero on 570 with simers and rogan this morning....
I hate to bring up the KD subject but I just have to one time this morning, Simers kept trying to get Guerrero to ADMIT that maybe he made a mistake and that KD was over his head, but Guerrero was not biting, said that KD is SAFE THIS YEAR, he knew it would be tough with a new qb and such a young team.... BUT HE EXPECTS CONTINUED GROWING AND IMPROVEMENTS (READ IT AS NEXT YEAR THE BRUINS BETTER KICK ASS), ALL THE ANTI-DORRELL'S IT SEEMS LIKE WHAT I HAVE SAID(AND OTHERS) kd has next year to turn this thing around, another 6-5 6-6 year and he will be toast. So lets just shut up about the fire dorrell crap this year... it aint happening!on 570 with simers and rogan this morning....

Sure hope DG did not say this. In any case, the game is tomorrow and we have to beat those f*cks. Beat SC!!  Go Bruins!!

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