More inspiration for tomorrow

We don't extra motivation for tomorrow, but I want to share with you one of my favorite songs from the Muppet Show (one of my favorite classic TV shows).  This was sung by Rowlf the dog in the first season.

It's not where you start, it's how you finish
It's not where you go, it's how you land
A 100-1 shot, they call him a klutz
Can outrun the favorite, all he needs is the guts
The final result will not diminish
And you can be the cream of the crop
It's not where you start, it's how you finish
And I'm going to finish on top

Please remember that both men's and women's soccer are in the final four this weekend, so let's send all our love and support to them.  Also, women's volleyball kicks off the playoffs tonight at Pauley against Alabama, Birmingham (Mr. BB's grad school).  If you can, get out there tonight and show your Bruin love.

I have a feeling championship #100 will be here before 2006 comes to a close.

Let's go out and shock the world tomorrow!  Fuck Southern Cal, their bandwagon fans, and their cocksucking media bitches who climax at the sight of a man in a skirt.  And just for the record, who names their mascot after soldiers who not only lost a war, but did so by bringing in a wooden horse?

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