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DG's Dodge on KD

I imagine some Dorrell apologists got themselves in a tizzy this am over a DG interview in a Southern California radio show with TJ Simers and Fred Rogin. They immediately came on message boards and declared DG gave Dorrell the ever popular word of confidence. However, per BN blogger CAJason80 this was the exact exchange among DG, Simers, and Rogin (emphasis Jason's):

"We made an investment in Karl.  There was a lot asked of him.  He's come through with a lot of those things..."

"We knew this season would be tough, young quarterback..."

"They've really battled back, finished the last two games strong.  It's a good opportunity for us."

"I think there's an excellent foundation in place.  When you look at when he come in and what we wanted fix, he's done a lot of this.  The next step is the progress on the field...we saw glimpses of that last year."

"Our expectations are always high, TJ.  This is not the right place to say whether we're on course or not on course.  He's brought in the right kinds of kids."

I took the entire interview as one big dodge, not a very sterling vote of confidence.  Guerrero never specifically said that Dorrell's job was safe.  Far from it, in fact.
In other words no need for us to worry what DG is going to do at this point with less than 24 hours till this sacred game. Despite how much his lackies and apologists from Morgan Center want to tell you otherwise, DG has not given him unquestioned support heading into tomorrow's game. More on DG's vague adminspeak from Dump Dorrell.

Dorrell knows to save his dignity in Westwood he has no other option left but to win this game.