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St. Patrick Out (For Now) w/ Partial Concussion

Looks like the illegal hit from Ray Thugaluga may have caused St. Patrick a partial concussion (eventhough he bounced right back up after that vicious hit and gave his nearest team-mate a chest bump). He is out for the time being. From the LA Times:

If UCLA had played a game Saturday, Ben Olson would have started at quarterback because Patrick Cowan is sidelined indefinitely after suffering a concussion in the victory over USC.

"He still hasn't been cleared," Coach Karl Dorrell said about Cowan, who did not join his teammates in their first practice since upsetting the Trojans. "He's doing MRIs and all that stuff to try and see what the issues are. But we did get one of the doctor's comments that the MRI came back negative on one test. We'll just see how his symptoms dissipate from here."

Cowan's post-concussion symptoms did not take hold until days after the game, according to Dorrell. But because UCLA does not play again until Dec. 27, when the Bruins face Florida State in the Emerald Bowl, Cowan has plenty of time to get back on the field.

Until then, Olson and redshirt freshman Osaar Rasshan will enjoy the extra work in practice.

"Ben had a good day today, and I thought Osaar did too," Dorrell said after Saturday's workout at Spaulding Field. "It was just a day of trying to get back into rhythm again.
We all wish a speedy recovery to St. Patrick. Of course we are in good hands with SPJ.

BTW what about the nicname "SPJ"? Anyone noticed we made the decision to use that name again leading up to December 2, 2006 and look what happened. ;-) I know I know. SPJ didn't play. But still I think the SPJ karma was in full effect.No?