All TrOJan Excuses for 12/02/06 [Plz. Add to the List]

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So all last week Trojans all around the internets went on a classic binge of whining and excuse making on why their program cannot count to 8. I decided to go ahead and try to put all the Trojan widely heard excuses at one place (with an assist from a BRO thread (currently on page 4) where you can see the excuses listed in titles of that thread)

  • Bruins were just lucky
  • It was the ref's fault who were conspiring to keep the Trojans from BCS game by calling all the false starts
  • Michigan paid the refs (more than SC could)
  • Florida paid the refs (more than SC could)
  • The Rose Bowl sod was too wet
  • The metal skirts got rusty because of the wet sod
  • Walker already knew Pete Carroll's offense
  • Traveller ate the game plan
  • Traveller was made into a bottle of glue
  • Booty accidentally sat on Tommy's sword right before the game
  • The horse took a dump in the steroids
  • Steroids left with the Tings
  • That trojie cheerleader messed up their timing
  • Mean Bruin fans
  • ''Notre Dame is our real rival."
  • "Cal is our #2 rival!"
  • Too hard to get up for UCLA after facing Oregon, Cal, and ND
  • Hard to get up without the Sweater Boys
  • They were distracted by a shirtless Brandon Hancock
  • Booty was supposed to push Gable on the 4th down play
  • All those police at the Rose Bowl made us very nervous
  • The Tings would have made the difference
  • Kiffin was paid off
  • It was Kiffin's fault
  • The U$C band was only allowed to play the fight song 900 times, instead of the customary 1,000!
  • OJ's book deal got cancelled
  • Booty couldn't get into the ballroom dancing course this semester
  • Chauncey FAILED the ballroom dancing course this semester
  • Jarret is actually paying rent now
  • Marc Sanchez's fake id was confiscated
  • Snoop a Loop was in jail
  • The paychecks were late
  • U$C was under a LOT of pressure
  • It's hard being #2 with so much pressure
  • It's hard playing every week with the whole country watching you
  • No team can play four straight big games
  • It's hard to win ON THE ROAD
  • USC's coaches threw the game on purpose for $$$$$$$$$
  • Football players were too exhausted from studying for finals
  • Eric McNeil screwed up - he should have rushed the qb
  • ESPN failed to notify us that we had a game to play
  • Too much butt kissing from Musburger
  • Those dimwits Corso and Herbstreit both picked $C!
  • We're a womens water polo school.
So what else is missing here? If there are other excuses not included in this list, please put them in the comment section. Here is something to refresh your memory a bit. Got this from the LA Times photo gallery:

What are other Trojan excuses you have been hearing about making excuses for consistently choking on 4th downs. List them here!

This way we will have a ready made template for Trojan excuses whenever they lose the next game, which may come as soon as their next trip to the Rose Bowl.

Go Bruins!!!

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