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Massive (Expectations) Hype Begins for 2007

While everyone is talking about the number 1 ranked Ben Ball warriors, expectations (for 07-08) are already sky rocketing for the best football team in Los Angeles.

SPJ is on WWL's college football home page:

Here is the link to the insider article ($) with a team-by-team look at the Pac-10. Can't reprint what's in it. But, I will give you a hint. They are expecting UCLA to contend for a lot more than just the Rose Bowl when they get to face off against the (maybe Pom Pom-less) whiners from Southern Cal on December 6, 2007. In other words, it will not be just us saying BCS or bust for Karl Dorrell in 2007.

First things first, though. Unless Dorrell and company take care of business on December 27, 2006, all these good vibes will evaporate right away.