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"Hardball" (MSNBC) Props Ben Ball

This may be the first and last time I will mention Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC's "Hardball" (who sometimes sounds like Dick Vitale of American politics) show on Bruins Nation. But this is pretty cool. Matthews was in Chappell Hill last night on his "Hardball College Tour", (MSNBC) talking to former UNC (law school) alum Senator John Edward. Check out this exchange:

MATTHEWS:  It`s great to be back.

Welcome back to HARDBALL.

We`re at the college tour right now--I`m back, I`m healthy--at Chapel Hill, the southern part of heaven, and of course, the basketball team--not that this isn`t one of the great academic in the world, but the basketball team is what number right now?

CROWD:  One.


According to the Associated Press, it`s number three, behind Pittsburgh and who else?  I can`t...


MATTHEWS:  UCLA, that`s right.
Like I said there are perks on being number 1. Ben Ball is on everyone's radar because of being Number 1.  It's a good deal all around.