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The Single Most Important Thing, Like Ever

You're probably here just to get your daily Bruin fix.  So pardon my interruption from our regularly scheduled programming to mention something else.

You see, every once in a while, an issue comes up that truly transcends sports, and demands our attention.  In these moments, everyone, be they enemies, rivals or just fierce competitors, should lay down their animosity and stand together as one.  Yes, so consequential is this, that, if for only a moment, Bruins and Trojans, Buckeyes and Wolverines, and Bears and Trees, must set aside their differences, recognizing that we have but this one moment to avail ourselves of an opportunity that could fundamentally change the very nature of our existence.

Just like this, it will change the world forever.

As you are no doubt already aware, the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards are upon us.  Thankfully, the good folks from Rocky Top Talk have given us bloggers an opportunity to revel in, uh, ourselves.  And, MGoBlog's Brian has made that process even easier with a handy nominations entry thingy.  Check it out and nominate yourselves silly.

Of course, I for one, can't think of a contest that could possibly top band member Johnny Trudeo's thrilling come-from-behind-victory to capture the Treasurer spot over that vapid Tracy Andrews in my junior year high school election.  And awards presentations have always left me a bit cold, particularly after a deserving Dave Germane got robbed of his Most Improved Player award in water polo in 1990.  But, I'm sure I'm the exception, and you all recognize the magnitude of what is happening here.

More seriously, don't let my bitterness at the shameful exclusion of a category for "Most Vitriolic, Venomous and Hateful Blog" take away from a chance to recognize some truly great content being generated in the wider college sports blogosphere.  

We here mostly focus on the Bruins, and take pride in this being a fan blog which has evolved into a wonderful UCLA community. But, if you've got the time, you should check out some of the other fantastic blogs out there, include (among others) Mgoblog, Burnt Orange Nation, EDSBS, Dawg Sports (and, no, I'm not just mentioning Kyle because he nominated us for "The You Talkin' To Me Award"), RollBamaRoll, Blue-Gray Sky, and The Wizard of Odds.  Also, if you haven't already, check out the carefully selected list of blogs on our Blogroll, who also do great work.

Okay, enough of that, back to UCLA....