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Ben Ball Notes

This is Finals week. No our guys are not sweating through ball room dancing. They are actually studying for legit courses. So Coach Howland is keeping his players away from the reporters this entire week. The reporters asked him about Luc's low stats. from last two games yesterday. Coach Howland doesn't sound concerned at all:

"I think a lot of times people equate someone playing well to looking at the stat sheet," Howland said. "If you watch this film, he did an unbelievable job defensively, battling (Antanas Kavaliauskas) all day long.

"Things that don't show up in the stat sheet are often times are just as important as things that do."

Mbah a Moute was in foul trouble against Fullerton and was limited to one shot in 19 minutes. He also strained his right groin muscle in the game, and missed practice time leading up to the Texas A&M tilt, where he was 2 of 8 from the field and misfired badly on several jump shots.

"I don't think he played all that bad," Howland said. "I don't think he shot it well, and I think part of that was just the rhythm of not being able to practice for a couple of days because of it."
FWIW Luc also apparently had a groin injury. But Howland doesn't seem all that concerned. And he also said Aboya should be ready for Oakland.

Speaking of Oakland, apparently it is some school for Michigan, and here is the connection on why they are on Bruins' schedule this Saturday:
The Oakland Golden Grizzlies do not seem a likely opponent for the Bruins in their first game in a week. But there is a method to what seems like scheduling madness.

The brother of Oakland Coach Greg Kampe, Kurt Kampe, is a Los Angeles lawyer and a graduate of Pepperdine's law school. Two of Kurt's children attend UCLA. Kurt was a football letterman at Michigan and Greg and Kurt's father, Kurt, played on Michigan's 1947 unbeaten Rose Bowl and national championship team.

"Since we moved up to Division I in 2000 I've wanted my brother to see us," Greg Kampe said.

Kampe said he had other reasons to bring his team across the country -- and it's not about guaranteed money.

"I want our kids to play against them, feel that toughness and yell at them that that's how UCLA does it and they went to the national championship game," Kampe said.

"And, I'm a traditionalist. I've always wanted to take a team to Pauley Pavilion. I hope Coach [John] Wooden is there. I won't go up and talk to him or anything but that would be the ultimate experience, to compete on the same floor where Coach Wooden coached."
Before you check out this game though, if you are a Bruin fan, and you live in Southern California, consider checking out Kevin Love, who is going to be playing in Pauley this Friday. LA Times finally has a Love story, and it doesn't disappoint:
Love, who signed a letter of intent with UCLA last month, is supposed to be the next coming of Bill Walton in the way he plays the game.

In particular, Love's outlet passes after rebounds are so swift and stunning that coaches gush over them.

"It's amazing," said Bob Gibbons, a North Carolina-based talent evaluator. "It really looks like a Peyton Manning pass. It's a different shaped ball, but it's on target."
And there is a little more (emphasis added):
There's so much to admire about Love, who doesn't have a posse following him around, doesn't have an entourage of advisors other than his parents, doesn't have any tattoos and doesn't worry about where he'll end up in the legacy of UCLA centers. He's respectful, polite and addresses his elders as "Mr. Walton" or "Mr. Jabbar."

"The goal is not to be the greatest player," he said. "It's for our team to be the greatest."

Those are words that have UCLA Coach Ben Howland counting the days until Love puts on a Bruins uniform.
Man I was excited to see Jordan Farmar in a Bruin uniform. But the excitement I feel to see K Love in a UCLA uniform reminds me of 1991 when everyone on campus was giddy about seeing number 31 make his debut in Pauley. Ed'O lived up to the hype (for this Bruin at least). And now to hear these stories about Love ... just music to my years.

Again you can check out Love at Pauley this Friday when his Lake Oswego (OR) team take the court at 8:30 p.m. I am sure Coach Howland will be there. You should too.